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I want to be like Bron

Dsc09844I don't think I've sewn anything for myself since maternity clothes when I was pregnant with Katie... that would be 22 years ago.  I've sewn a few things for the kids and some window coverings and have done a tiny bit of quilting, but that's it.  I saw this pattern at Bron's Blog the other day, and then the finished top and, well, I stopped at the fabric store on my way home yesterday.

I had this pattern (McCalls M5357) in my hand along with another that was very, very similar (slightly different design for the tops), but decided that I should just buy one for now and see how it goes.  I had a hard time choosing fabric -- that's probably my biggest challenge -- but I made myself buy something.  I really need help in that department -- color, print, envisioning.

I'm going to make the longer tunic top with this fabric.  I think it will look good with some capri pants that I already have -- two different greens, black -- maybe even with denim.  I'm not so much into the wearing of the same print from head-to-toe, though I will admit that I did once have a top/shorts "set" once and I wore it to death.  What can I say?  The kids were little, it was easy-care fabric and very, very comfortable, and sometimes it's just nice to spend all that time gazing in the closet, not having to think about whether this top goes with that bottom and do these colors look okay together and does this make my butt look big or my tummy pooch show too much.  It was tried and true.  I don't have it -- or any "set" -- anymore.  And I won't.

Dsc09846The thread is ready to go.

There's a good antique show this weekend and I'm planning to go tomorrow with Mom.  She always likes to be there first-thing, so I guess we'll be there first-thing.  I'm actually looking forward to it -- more than I have the past few years.  I haven't been in the market for anything in particular in a long time, but keep my eye out for the usual suspects -- pansy stuff, orphaned cabinet photos that strike a chord, "woman's work" things.  I did okay last year.  ; )

Have a good weekend.



YOu will have fun making your new outfit. I used to sew nearly all of my clothes, until sewing began to cost more than ready-made on sale!! Your entry brings back lots of great memories of sitting in front of the machine, stitching away!


I just donated a big stack of patterns to goodwill as part of the pre-construction purge. Nearly all of them were for baby clothes, most never used.

Any chance you wanna road trip next week? I've got an extra spot reserved. My daughter was going to go, but it'll get too late.


I can't wait to see what you bring back from the show. I get the bug to sew something new for spring and rarely follow through. I think you did a very fine job of picking a fabric for that pattern!


Don't we all;)

She is so amazingly prolific in all her crafting projects!


Great fabric! I love those batiks. :)


I see we have Gutermann thread there. Smart girl. Have fun at the antique show!


oooooo..I wish I could go with you. I haven't been to the auction in awhile. Maybe I need to nag my husband tonight! Have fun tomorrow!


Great fabric, have fun with your sewing project, can't wait to see what you pick up at the antique show.


I'm totally in love with the fabric you chose. :) And yes - a longer tunic will be just right & very easy with that pattern. Just remember to double-check the dart placement! I didn't & mine ended up by my throat. I'm fairly sure they aren't supposed to be there. :::wink:::


Enjoy that antique show!


Cute pattern and I love the fabric. The whole outfit would be cute if you decided to go for the additional piece. I hope you and your Mom scored big at the auction.


I. Love. Batik. So I totally approve of your choice of fabric. That could easily be a top you wear to death -- it looks very comfortable.


Hope you make out as well this year! Have fun!


I hope you enjoyed your antique show and found some perfect little pieces to add your collection. :)


Yahoo! A new summer wardrobe... you must be feeling the spring in the air. I am quite fond of batik fabrics and excited with the huge array of choices these days, so definitely approve of your decision. Happy stitching.


There is something about a good batik. I have quilted but I have never actually made clothing. I should try that. I hope you found some nice things to bring home!

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