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Year in review: 2006

Thank you, Celia.  (Because it should not be missed, I'm linking to Celia's Unrequited Love podcast at Quirky Nomads, too.  It's a great story, and so wonderful to hear her voice!  I was hoping for a little yodel at the end, but I guess that's part of another story.)

01The first sentence of each first post of the month for 2006 (one picture from every month, in order, is my addition):


Happy New Year!


On Friday morning, Maddy tried to "wake up" our main computer.


I saw my brother today, but he didn't see me.

02 03 04


I forgot to mention yesterday that among my chores, right between stopping at work and stopping at the bank, was a stop at the DMV to finish what Alison had started, but could not complete, the day before.


We did a little rummaging on Saturday and this is part of my haul from a sale at the home of the couple who own an antique mall in our area (not the one at which I occasionally fill in) -- it was bargain day!


Ina sent this "Iris Garden" Lorna's Laces, the yarn that my Individuals won for me, basically, in the ABC-Along "I" Contest.


There isn't any fruit on my cherry tomato yet; I've got it in a hanging basket at the south end of the back porch.


If you click on the picture on the left and look to the left of the white truck, you will see a dark shape on the horizon, also known as Rib Mountain.

06 07 08


Katie had to be to work at 5 this morning, and Ali at 6:30; it's Maddy's first day of school, which would normally start at around 8, but only the lowly freshmen have to go so early on the first day of school.


This is one of two mini Faroese shawls I made yesterday from the top down.


a.k.a. The Pergola Project.


God, I love the internet.

11 12 It's been quite a year.  ; )



Nice way to recap the year!


Sa-WEET. Oh, god, am I warming up to memes? Geesh. Hahahaha


Great review.


Ok, your first sentences are wonderful - I'm jealous! ;)


SUCH lovely photos!


OH! I just LOVED this.


LOVE the picture of your girls!!

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