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112306_1054Have I mentioned that I'm having fun with my new camera phone?  I plugged in the rollers and went for curly yesterday.  See?  I forgot the pre- spray stuff for heat styling, so it didn't hold as well (my hair really needs to be held), but they were big, soft, and loopy even in relaxed mode.

Mack said my name yesterday!!!  I've only been coaching him -- "Say 'V-v-v-v-v-v-icki'" -- for the past 17 months.  He says, "Bicki" and it just melts my heart every time.  He crawled into my lap for a few readings of Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? yesterday.

Dsc09077I'd like to thank Ann for linking to Aunt Mabel's Cranberry Pie Cake recipe (and more -- click!) -- it was delicious, and so easy!  I almost felt guilty that it was my only contribution to the meal -- the only thing that could make it easier would be to buy the walnuts already chopped.  Yum.  It was great -- alongside turkey and mashed potatoes or (especially) mingled with whipped cream and apple pie.  Mom made Cranberry Chutney, which was much closer to sauce and absolutely delicious, so I'm glad I did something different.  The chutney recipe was found online (go Mom!), but I'm not sure exactly where.

On Wednesday afternoon, I took Maddy to the DMV where she passed the test and is now the holder of a learner's permit.  She's anxious to drive!  For me, time at the DMV = time to knit!  I brought along the Mango Moon and worked on the Multidirectional Scarf and it won't be long before I can send it off to the Red Scarf Project!  I love how it looks and can definitely see more of those in my future.  The Mango Moon is interesting -- very thick and very thin and sometimes it just pulls right apart in my hand.  My at-home knitting time has been devoted to Mack's Christmas stocking and, as of last night, I'm about half-way down the foot.  They will be here until tomorrow and I see no reason why it can't be finished by then!  I have some ends to weave in and the back of the leg to seam (the foot is worked in the round), and it's looking great.  It's big, too!  Mack will thank me for that in years to come.



Looks like a very successful Thanksgiving Bicky. Have a great weekend!


if I had thought to take a picture, mine would look just like yours!

when I took D#2 for her permit, they wouldn't allow knitting needles past security! harumph.


The cranberry pie/cake look delicious! I've got loads of cranberries in the freezer so I'll be trying this out at some point. And yay for Mack saying your name! Ambrynn says "Nana" now but with LOTS of coaching only. I'm hoping she'll put me and the name together very soon.


Thanks for the link to Aunt Mabel's Cranberry Pie Cake. Here in the South we make quick cobblers just like that when we want "somethin' sweet". Any canned fruit can be used. Peaches are especially good. I had never thought of using cranberries!


Isn't that whole name thing the best? Eli calls me Bara a lot.


That cranberry pie/cake look positively delicious -- that's about the LAST thing I need to be makign :-) And that's better wonderful news about Mack's latest utterance!


Mmm, that cranberry dessert sounds YUMMY!


Mac sounds just daring! Sounds like you've had a lovely Thanksgiving.


DMV? I shudder to recall those days... somehow I managed to survive teaching four teens how to drive, even the last, who thought he was a know-it-all, and DD, who was a big chicken and scared the s--- out of me. You will be in my prayers! I am making a necktie to felt for a gift, with the opposing triangles, and thinking how fun a Red Scarf would be. Post a photo!

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