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Dsc05910I think about mittens constantly, particularly the Latvian mittens.  And all the while I've thought about the Latvian mittens, I've knit thrummed mittens and pop-up mittens and mittens with big yarn and contemplated knitting little baby mittens and I'm not making any progress with the Latvians at all.  With snowflakes flyin' and winter 'round the corner, mittens are on my mind more than ever, and of course there's endless inspiration (goading)!

Of course, you've got your Latvian Mitten KAL blog where I can understand very few words, but a picture's worth...

And, as mentioned yesterday, I keep a close watch on Nanette's doings at Knitting In Color... oh so many beautiful mittens and gloves!


You've got your Warm Hands Knit-along, brainchild of Sandy (who, of course, is the mastermind that has so many of us looking to the sky every Saturday).  I don't know why I haven't officially joined that yet -- it's not like she even makes any demands or has any deadlines!


And you've got your "Heart to Hands" project, launched by Lynne last week because, in discussing the list wishes and needs with a pastor in Buffalo, he told her, "We simply need mittens for the children for Christmas."  Oh my goodness, you can just feel it, can't you?  The adrenaline rush and Lynne's instinctive reaction to those words?  "I will get you mittens!"  Now, I have to admit that one of the most appealing things to me about "Heart to Hands" is that I do not have to make the mittens... I can buy mittens or donate mittens that I already have.  I have raised three children in Wisconsin, we breed mittens around here -- leave a pair alone in a closet and they're just like bunnies, I swear.  Honestly, I find stray mittens everywhere -- even with the kids practically grown!


So here's the part where I continue thinking out loud, attempt to organize my thoughts, tie all these buttons together, and declare my intentions -- so I don't forget what the plan is.  ; )

I plan to participate in Carole & Margene's 2nd annual Knit Unto Others by finishing a pair of mittens that have been sitting in a drawer (awaiting only a seam, for crying out loud) and sending them off, along with the current litter of mittens I find in the closet, to Lynne.

Vera wrote yesterday to tell me that she's sent my Week 9 Fantasy Football contest prize, which happens to be a ball of Mango Moon recycled silk that looks to be mostly RED.  That's provided the inspiration (and additional yardage) that I've needed for a RED SCARF. Have you seen Norma's wonderful new scarf?  That Multi-directional Scarf (MDS) stuff has intrigued me for a long time, too, and I've never done it!  So, I've printed the pattern (probably for the thousandth time) and plan to use the Mango Moon, along with either some Cascade 220 or Lamb's Pride that I have in stash, to knit a fiery MDS for the Red Scarf Project.  This knitting also fits in nicely with the above.

The only other deadline I have is for Mack's Christmas stocking, which I hope to have delivered in time for St. Nicholas to fill.  I am in the midst of a Coup d'etat, but it's going very well and if it drags on for a little while, that's okay.  The second sleeve ought to be completed during today's football watching, and I haven't decided whether to start a front or the back next.

There's a bunch of other stuff in the wings, on the needles -- including Latvian mittens that I started and then stopped because of a broken needle (see photo above) -- and that excuse for not continuing sounds about as good as "I broke a nail," which is what comes to mind.  I'm putting it all away.  Out of sight out of mind.  The other day, Cara said, "Knits don't really have feelings do they?" and all I could think was, "Um, no, but I think its eyes follow me around a room."  It's time to clean up, put away, and organize for the holidays, anyway, and I only want one pair of "eyes" following me around the room... Latvian!  I can do this.



One of these days, I'll get good enough to make a pair of Latvian mittens, so I'm looking forward to seeing what to do.

I have plently of red yarn for the Red Scarf project.


Yes, yes, you CAN! (do this)

It's wonderful to read (and I savored every word) your thought process on this. I now feel the tug of the mittens for the Heart to Hands project. Geez. So many projects, so little time. But I will borrow your words: I can do this.


Look at you blogging away! I love seeing you everyday. I, of course, may never blog again as I'm up to my eyeballs in pictures of kids. Luckily all the kids are pretty cute!

Have a great day! L, C


You know what I need? I really good basic mitten pattern. And I don't think I have one! Any suggestions?
Our pastor read an article today that talked about mittens and knitting and it was perfect. I'm going to use it for a blog post this week.


I have that book - you could knit from those charts continuously for years and never repeat yourself!


Wahhh! I wanna knit Latvian mittens, too! I'm like a broken record on this topic. I have a heck of a time with multicolor kntting in the lighter weight yarns (maintaining tension).
I've just finished a knitting project...maybe tonight I'll start practicing again.


I have a couple of books on Latvian Mittens and yearn to make a pair but as with what you've blogged about there are soooo many other things going on out there (good causes that deserve a knitterly response) and then the other projects on the go and Christmas knits etc. etc. but you know what? YOU will do it; you have so much knitterly MOJO and I really figure if you set your mind to it, it will happen....or you can start next year for winter 2007!


Oh, my! Such lovely projects, wonderful plans! Makes me want to join you in casting on for each one. Alas, I have my own giant WIP farm, with its various and plentiful wildlife. Plus, yesterday I LEARNED TO SPIN!!! So now I have to quit my job... ;-)


That's quite a list of projects! Can't wait to see the progress pics. :)


I'm feeling the urge to knit mittens too... those Latvian mittens are stunning.. just think of the color combinations you could choose!


My knits starting talking if I leave them too long...I'm not sure they don't have feelings. Have fun with your Latvian mittens. Sharing our talents good for us this time of year. Thank you for joining us!


i just finished a bear for the Mother Bear Project and that literally Had Eyes which watched me everytime i wanted to knit something else and not finish him. I'm finishing my first pair of color work mittens, i am so going to try the Latvian!


Ah, the first snow. It always brings the itch to make colorful mittens. You are one busy woman with all of your projects. I have to tell you that I sat next to Lizbeth Upitis at the opening of the Elizabeth Zimmerman exhibit in Madison Wisconsin and had a great time talking with her. She is fabulous in person.


My favorite mittens I ever made were the Latvian mittens...I want to do another pair, and I wonder if I need them? The fact is, I don't need them, they just make me happy to see how all of those colors come together to make a wonderful little object of art. Thanks for the plug, Vicki. We're very excited about the mitten project at our end!


Latvian Mittens were my mother's passion. They are simply beautiful.

Madame Purl

A pair of Latvian mittens are one my list this winter. They are so beautiful.


That's a great idea, Vicki. I have a 1/2 pair of mittens in my "need to finish pile" too -- Knit Unto Others just might provide the needed push to get them done.

Bookish Wendy

Have you seen these?


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