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Breakfast of champions


There are some bloggers that I've read for a long time that I am due to meet for the first time next weekend.  I also will renew acquaintance with some, and meet others that are completely new to me.  I might have fostered enough comfort with my own moniker in the last month (the cat letting go my tongue) that I may actually be able to introduce myself. ; )  It remains to be seen if it's the Knitoriously Shy or the I'm Knitorious Vicki who makes the trip.

Webbutton_wannaplay_1Rhinebeck Bingo, baby -- that might change the face of things. Stitchy sent my card today and I can't wait!  I'm a playa and a square.

Squarelogo_1Anyway, I've been reading many of these blogs for about the same amount of time, the bloggers co-mingle and fraternize in my mind and they all know each other.  I barge through their open and inviting doors everyday, from one to the other and on to the next, as if they were neighbors on my street and down 'round the corner -- sometimes one or more of us are visiting another at the same time!  Many of us have coffee or lunch together everyday.  I not only know what they knit, I often know about their kids, what type of work they do, what they drive, their favorite shoes, when their birthdays and anniversaries are, their favorite TV shows and sports teams, what their favorite breakfast is, where they go on vacation, sometimes I know what their hopes and dreams and aspirations are, all too often, it seems, I also know the heartbreak.  Playerlogo_2While we're being all friendly and neighborly, though, the truth is that many of these people have only ever met in the far reaches of my mind.  They don't know each other at all!!!

I am beside myself with excitement and anticipation and nervousness, and look forward to some great introductions.  Perhaps we shall be witness to a match made in heaven watch sparks fly (dude, take cover!) as another Cara-and-Ann friendship is born.  ; )  Yes, I do take full credit for that one.

(OMG, did you see Cara's Short Rows yet?)

Like Ann, I'm having a hard time with the "fiber festival project."  I cast on for a plain stockinette sock the other night, as I mentioned I might, but I think it's too big and I should probably go down a needle size, but I wanted to do it on two circs and I don't have two circs of that size.  Bummer, I know.  I am just a few short rows (that's short in quantity) away from the first Bayerische heel, but not only is that not a stockinette sock, I've also been advised that turning the heel is best done alone.  ; )  I also cast on for the Moebius shawl again yesterday -- remember that?  Yeah, well, dammit.  And dammit again.  Ann, I keep getting that big gaping hole.  I knit and unknit and tried again and unknit again and knit some more -- what does that instruction mean right there?  I'll tell ya, I was in the groove with this thing a few weeks ago (all except for the big gaping hole part), but yesterday I was reading the instructions and the entire thing could have been written in Martianese.  Anyway, will you help me if I bring it?  I can't believe I'm having such difficulty with this thing -- and that it's taking all this assistance from all corners!!  ; )

Can I tell you how freakin' happy I am about winning my Fantasy Football matchup yesterday?  All of our teams/players played yesterday, so there's no waiting around 'til tonight's game for the winner of our match-up.  I was a 30-point underdog early yesterday morning, but made a few changes and drew it closed to 20 -- and I just really couldn't do any more than that, except that somehow, I overlooked Javon Walker as WR and still had him on reserve (duh!) -- this was like a completely new fantasy team for me this week because the Packers were on a bye and I'm just a freaking bleeding heart -- but anyway, it was very competitive all day and so much fun!  Honestly, my kids think I'm even more nuts.  Thank you, Jason Elam, I won by 3 points!  My record is now 2-4, which I like a whole lot better than 1-5.  ; )



I'm a playa and a square, too! Can't wait, Ring Sister.


I'm a square. It sounded too overwhelming to be both. You can't be can't! We (I) won't allow it. We're going to have a freaking party all weekend and there will be noise and people and fiber and and's going to be so awesome.


I'm so jealous of your trip to Rhinebeck. Chris and tossed around the idea of a trip there when her tour ofthe southwest fell through, but it wasn't to be. Maybe next year.


I'm so jealous of your trip to meet up with everyone, have a fantastic time and take lots of photos to share.


That's right. I do have you to blame thank for the wonder that is Ann.

Don't worry. Someday I'll get you back.


(thanks about short rows - wait until you see it.)


I'll be at Rhinebeck too this weekend, although I forgot to sign up for the Blogger bingo. Hopefully I'll get to see you there. I'm looking forward to meeting other bloggers!


Be all "I'm Knitorious" for those of us who aren't/can't go. Have a wonderful time! While you're gone, I'm going to learn a mobious cast on, so be prepared for questions.


I hope to do better at meeting people this year than I did last. I was very shy and intimidated last year and couldn't get myself to say much or walk up to people and introduce myself. I was so mad at myself afterwards!
Anyway...hope I run into you this year!


Okay, just remember I apologize in advance if I bowl you over with my enthusiastic/hyperactive/not-so-shy nature. I am beyond excited to be going to Rhinebeck this year. Good luck on your Moebius!


Have a wonderful, fiberful time!


hiii, um i'm so jealous about your fantasy football group! i was too late... if you do it again next year I so want to join! I'll be at Rheinback but also didn't sign up for Bingo... oh welllll, it will be So Fun! It's my first time ;-)


You do NOT know what my favorite breakfast is. Get over yourself, woman. ROFL. Oh. I kill myself. Really.

Can't wait to see ya again, Vick!


I'm playing too -- yea! And I'm looking forward to meeting you!!


is that true? do we really not know what Norma's favorite breakfast is? I'm guessing Grape Nuts.


Well it's definitely got some kind of tincture in it whatever it is. And probably diet coke.


I am pretty jealous of Margene getting to go, and you are one of the people I would really love to meet... I do know how you feel, but almost every time I meet a new blogger, we feel right at home with each other! Hope you have a great time. And congrats on your fantasy football team - I don't think it nuts at all; now, my eldest son trying to balance three leagues, that may be a little nuts :)

Bookish Wendy

I'm totally going to miss you guys this weekend. And I'm super sad I won't get to see your cute nightgowns! ;)

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