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Every time I try to type "artsy fartsy" it comes out like "arsty farsty" instead, and I sometimes wonder if it's my innter leprechaun coming out. "Feisty arse," perhaps? ... or not.

Anyway. Here I thought I had all this time to post on here, but mummy comes home tomorrow night already! I'll bet it went too quickly for her... by the tone of the comments coming into my inbox, it sounds like some stuff went down at Rhinebeck! I'm sure I'll be regailed with plenty o' stories.

But as promised, I just thought I'd mention a few of the artsy/crafty endeavors I've taken to the past few weeks/months. I'm an on-and-off-again knitter, and I'm a pro at scarves of just about any variety, but it takes a mean streak of motivation to get me going on anything else... although I have completed a number of pairs of wrist warmers, a couple pairs of mittens, and a smattering of chapeaus. But I always come back to the wonderous scarf, a practical obsession. My last one was nicely photographed by the Owner Of This Blog a few weeks ago in her Buttons and Bobby Pins entry. This is by far my favorite-looking scarf, but I must emphasize that I only love the way it looks, and unfortunately not the way it wears... as it's long enough to wrap around at least three times, but by then I look like I have a wool inner tube around my neck. Soooo. One of these days I'll do this again (because it was mui fun!) and I'll make it about half the length. :)

Also in those photos is a giant button necklace (which is hella heavy - and with the scarf is practically painful. I think now that the migraine I got that day was in part due to the weight) which is nothing more than a collection of random antique (and some not so antique)Dsc08700_1 buttons strung haphazardly onto fishing line. Et voila! Tres magnifique. I love it, but it's not something I can wear every day.

My "main" talent, I guess, would be the drawing. The fine arts aspect of the arsty artsy streak in me. My latest drawing is a graphite portrait of a close friend, which I submitted to a show in Chicago. I haven't heard back from them yet, but I'm crossing my fingers that I'm accepted! I love doing really up-close portraits of people, like  the perpetually unfinished one my mom hung on our living room wall anyway! It's of my little sister, and was started before she ever dyed her hair brunette...


And that's about the last of it! Hope you enjoyed this little guest blogging experience and who knows, maybe I'll pop back sometime for a visit. :) Ciao!



Thanks Katie! - it's been fun, and you'll have to do it again some time!


Katie, your portraits are amazing!


You did a wonderful job, Katie. And I got to meet your mom and sit with her on Friday night. It was terrific.

Mary in Boston

Wow! Your portraits are wonderful, Katie. Thank you for sharing.

Hope you'll check in again soon!


Your potraits are wonderful Katie, I hope you hear back from the Chicago show.


Katie, you've been a great guest blogger and your portraits are fabulous. Good luck with Chicago.


You are very talented!


Fun to have you guest blogging, Katie!


What a fabulous talent you have! Your portraits are wonderful. Hope you get good news from Chicago.

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