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A Sunday in Eau Claire

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If you came across this blog and read that I spent part of my weekend in Eau Claire with a Yarn Harlot, a Beadslut, a Cursing Mama (and her Mr. Motorcycle), a Hyvetyrant, a really wound-up Deb -- in fact, she's Wound Too Tight -- and that Chris was Stumbling Over Chaos (and Mayhem, too) and into Yellow Dog, and that I yearned for the Rogue I saw...  I wonder what you'd think.

Dsc08471You might think I had a damn good time!!  And you'd be right -- I most certainly did -- and it was all quite respectable!  That's Deb, Chris, Shari & Betty along the left side of the table; Mr. Motorcycle & Cursing Mama, Anne, Beadslut and Jeanne. My sister was dragged along, and was the only quilter I saw at this great gathering of knitters -- she is passionate about many things, so it really was not difficult for her to grasp the whole thing and be entertained and "get it."


We had a great time at Yellow Dog and kitty-corner at the Acoustic Cafe.  It was a blast playing "Spot The Knitter" and "Name That Knit."  There was some beautiful work being worn.  I had finished sewing on Fib's buttons Saturday and then gave it a light, overnight block around the seams -- it was still a bit too damp to wear on Sunday, and I would have roasted!  As it was, I took off the gray cotton sweater ($10 at Target a couple of years ago, thanks) and just wore the shawl over my shirt!

Just as she wrote in her post, Beadslut and I were first at the door of the Masonic Temple when the doors opened -- with about a dozen close on our heels and a warning that there would be many, many more.  He wasn't expecting to see anyone, I'm sure, and I think we kinda scared him!  There was a huge open area surrounded by a gallery and I thought, whoa, Stephanie can show us her cartwheels in here!  It was not really going to work, so we got busy and hauled in some chairs.


With a Hyvetyrant, who is wearing a beautiful Clapotis, and me -- Vicki -- holding the Harlot's Fleece Artist sock.  I was knitting on the moebius during the talk, also in Fleece Artist... more on the weekend's knitting and unknitting tomorrow.


The Olympic button poster was the very coolest thing!!

I can walk right up to Dan Marino and stick my hand out and say, "Hi, I'm Vicki, I love the way you play football," but I'm not comfortable in my blog moniker skin -- or at least not saying it.  Ifind it difficult to say "I am Knitorious."  I'm thinking that I just have to practice, though, because it can't be any easier to say "I am a Yarn Harlot," or "...Beadslut."  That should be a lot harder.  ; )


I'm sorry that I didn't a hundred other bloggers who were there -- I think kmkat was there (didn't meet her), Stephania was there (didn't meet her).  It's worth a look-see at their posts -- that handknit sock ritual ring was the coolest thing!  Speaking of rings, there was a coming together at Yellow Dog -- Joyce Williams and Dixie in their stockinette, me in cable.  ; )  I wasn't thinking and didn't get a good picture of Joyce's incredible sweater!


Dixie Grilley, Yellow Dog

Hello Ring Sister!

I was wondering who did the chairs?? I was going to have Steph do theater in the round on the center floor but didn't know she knitted while talking and it would have be some kind of feat to she her hold a mic and knit a sock at the same time!!! It all work out great. You got the best picture of Grace on stage with Steph. I swear that woman is unstumpable! Still haven't recovered!


Looks like a great day out!


Oh, such fun! So, about those rings. My birthday is next week and I'm wondering about asking Dale to buy one for me. What do you think?


Seriously. I want a stockinette ring. Glad you had such a good time!


It's easy to say you're the beadslut. It gives you that moment while people are at a loss to take over the world :-)


Knit Ring Powers: Activate!


LOL! You vamp, you. Wish I could have been there, but thanks for the vivid description of the attendees!

Cindy B

Oh Vicki!!! Too much fun. It was great to see you. Your sweater was awesome. It was a totally sublime evening . . . I'd love to do it again! There is a Yarn Hop in the cities Oct. 6,7,&8. Can you say ROAD TRIP!

You are Knitorious!! :-)


Loved EVERY minute of the adventure and would do it again in a minute. Thanks so much for everything!


Love those rings! Very, very cool. I love it that you had a wonderful time -- you look marvelous. I love your hair back like that.


Ohhhh! I'm sorry we didn't meet, too! So close, yet so far away.

I'm glad you had a grand time. I sure did!


I'm drinking it all in! You look lovely!
And guess what?? I just found out you are going to Rhinebeck! ME TOO!


D'oh! I should've introduced you to kmkat and Stephania and Tipper. *slaps forehead*

Dang, you shoulda been in line with us - we woulda pushed you up there and said "she's Knitorious!" :)


We had so much fun on Sunday too! Thanks for keeping a few chairs warm for us while I was shopping and for arranging the whole meet-up!

(I totally didn't stick out my hand and say I'm Cursingmama either)


Be still my heart -- Knitorious mentioned me! I apologize for not introducing myself; I was sitting only 3 chairs (and thank you for setting up the chairs!) to your left, just on the other side of Anne and Betty. Betty pointed you out to me, but it never occurred to me to actually, um, er, say hello. "She's too busy, I'm too newbieblogger, I don't want to bother her." But I did see Fib being passed around and exclaimed on it to Betty. I felt like I was seeing A Famous Sweater. Which I was, actually.

Love the rings!


Oh man, now I watn a knitting ring really bad. Sounds like tons of fun. Ain't she a hoot?

lynne s of Oz

Sounds like you had a great time meeting the harlot and hanging out with heaps of knitters (even some I know, well blogwise know). I'll just send little seethy envious thoughts at you ;-)


I got a big kick out of this entire post. Love seeing photos of you.

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