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Buttons and bows bobby pins

Progress continues on Shirley Shrugs. I did a lot of knitting in the car -- and fixing, too, because it was a pretty drive on Saturday.  We even saw a full rainbow in the evening.  I have worked the second short-row shoulder and in some ways it's better than the first, and in other ways not, but it is what it is and it does what it's supposed to do.  I showed Mom yesterday and she lit up.  That will help me with this long march down the arm.  ; )

The Packers won their first game!  My fantasy team didn't do badly either -- I have running backs on both sides of the ball in tonight's game -- should be exciting.


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Katie's been knitting!  She knit some leg-warmers recently and this scarf.  The scarf was knit length-wise on a circular needle -- I don't remember what size -- using scrips and scraps from the stash and self-fringing at both ends.  She used everything from sock yarn to worsted to bulky, down-home wool to stuff with a little glitz and glam (but no fur, thanks).  It's about 20 miles long, as you can see from the number of times it's wrapped around her neck, but she likes to wrap 'em so it's good.  She made the button necklace, too, using fishing line and mostly buttons from the nearly full drawer in her great great grandma's sewing machine -- plus a few large coat buttons found at a recent antique stop.

Long live the pincurl.



What a funky scarf.

I remember my grandmother sitting in her rocking chair on Saturday nights, with a fabric bag filled with bobby pins on her lap "fixin" her hair for Sunday - a self perm of sorts that I should try on my short hair


I love her scarf! that is really beautiful with all the different colors and textures! I wish I could be so free--i tend to control my knitting way to much...Good Work!


That is a great scarf and necklace, well done Katie. I am glad Shirley is looking good too.


What a great scarf! I would love to make one like that, but don't trust my skill of mixing and matching like that to make something beautiful. I love love love her curls! I always wanted auburn hair- lovely!


love that hair -- the lucky girl. I was tempted by the Jane Thornley piece that doesn't have a pattern (although I did buy The Medici Jacket) and may attempt it free form. So I am inspired at how great it looks to use many types and textures of yarn together


The scarf is fabulous - Katie's got quite a sense of style!


You must tell Katie she has inspired me to make a scarf and use up some of my left overs. It is just hard to believe what I have saved. Her scarf is just wonderful. I would love to see another picture of her necklace and perhaps she could let us know how she went about putting it together. Katie,you have talent!


The scarf is stunjning - but I'm even more taken with her beautiful hair. Some day maybe my Katie will learn to love her curl like that!


she looks fantastic - funky & beautiful! and I am completely jealous of the hair!


K that scarf prompted me to come out of hiding. It's BEAUTIFUL! And here I'd been wondering how to get rid of some of my yarn.. hmmm! so wonderful!


I'm totally hooked on these lengthwise scarves too~!


I love that scarf! What a great way to turn leftover bits into something wonderful.


That is so cool.


What a fun and interesting scarf! Way cool.


omg. I love that and the pics are goregous. with that red hair...stunning.


Oh, adorable. Thanks for posting.


Lovely scarf -- oh, to be so creative and bold enough to wear it.

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