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P is for...


Pansies.  A pansy print:  "A String of Pansies" by Paul de Longpre.

Dsc08127 Dsc08125_1 Dsc08124

This is pretty much the print that started it all with pansies.  It's a half-yard-long that my sister bought at an auction several years ago.  I wrote about it once, and how it came to be mine, here.

Dsc08128 Dsc08129

P could also be for pansies on pitchers and pansies on pots, pansies on cups and saucers.

Dsc08131 Dsc08130

P could be for pictures in a pot with pansies.  For this post, P is for pansies... on postcards, a calendar, a tile, another special print.



Love it! And pansies too.


Oh yes, oh yes! Your love of pansies. Perfect P for you.


P is for perfect!


Pansies make me think of my grandmother because she loved them, too. Thanks for the memory.


What a perfect "P". I love pansies.


Don't tell me . . . (thinking hard here) . . . you like pansies?

love the pics!

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