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H is for...

N is for...



I have a few.

Dsc07234 Dsc07259

Dsc07243 Dsc07244 Dsc07251_1

Dsc07253Almost all of them are cotton.  Some are new and some are very, very old.  I was wearing the one pictured at left while pregnant with Katie.  That's 21 years ago -- I don't know what that translates to in nightgown years.  It's a soft, old faithful, and I still wear it.

Apparently, I favor long and white, buttons and ruffles.  There are a few florals, some blue, a shocking pink!  Most of them are missing the tags because I have an annoyance with those irritating things that seems to only get worse.  Many of the sleeves are whacked off because I can't stand anything too tight around my wrists.  If it was easily accomplished, I simply removed the elastic, but most of the time, it required a whack job to make the thing wearable.

Dsc07238 Dsc07268

I often spend a good deal of my day off or a Sunday morning in my nightgown.  Having no neighbors on the east side, none in back, and mostly hidden from view in the front, I can have coffee on the patio in my nightie or hang out the wash or pull weeds or water my tomatoes.

I suffer comparison to pioneer prairie girls gladly.  ; )



Ooh- I have nightgown envy! I love, love, love nightgowns! Especially well-worn, soft cottony ones! I love your bricked patio- perfect for sun-drying the cotton lovelies. I was Queen of the Prairie when younger- Laura Ingalls Wilder was my hero- and I love that style of nightie. I would wear one all day if I could, too. I've already gotten my soon to be 6 year old infatuated with nightgowns, and can't wait till my twins are a little older to wear them too. The shocking pink does stand out- I favor whites and blues myself, with butter yellow thrown in. Have a nice holiday!


This is almost too good to be true. Please. It's too much. I almost can't make fun of you anymore!

Fantastic pictures!!


I wear nightgowns, too, and have a few that are quite similar to yours. Cotton in the summer, flannel in the winter. And mine were on the clothesline yesterday, too.
Yours are gorgeous and I'm envious.


Yup. Me, too! Mine are the tanky-kind, but nightgowns nonetheless.


OH.MY.GOD, that is the most wonderful photo EVER, the ones on the line. I don't wear nightgowns except when I'm freezing in sub-zero weather or sick. I still do have the one I was wearing when I was in labor with Abigail, too, it's still in wonderful condition (a Garnet Hill flannel that I bought at their tent sale 23 years ago) and I wear it when it's the above-mentioned conditions. I simply can't sleep in them because they tangle all up around me and drive me nuts. I sleep in t-shirts. But I LOVE your nightgowns! AND I wish I lived in a place where I could go out in my yard wearing what the hell I WANT (which would often be my night t-shirt and no underwear). That is the way life should be -- NO NEIGHBORS. I just want to be a hermit. With DSL. :)


Great pictures! What a creative "N"!


Oh, Vicki, what a beautifully photographed and written ABC post, so very personal and delightful! And, since so many others have indicated in their comments, I'm a pajamas girl, for exactly the same reason that Norma doesn't wear nightgowns.


it's like laundry day at the convent! I knew you loved nightgowns, but never guessed you had a friggin collection!

great pictures Vicki!


Oh this entry is SO neat! what a wonderful thing to know about you. I enjoyed your photos a lot. :D


I just love these photos! Especially the first one, looking down on your entire collection... what you go through for us. I want to rush right out and buy a few, even though I have been the tank top and flannel bottom type for the past five years.


These are beautiful! Lovin' the nightgowns on the line! I love the idea of nightgowns but I'm really a nightshirt sleeper. I do envy those who can stay in sleep clothes all day, I can't seem to do that, either. I do know the luxury of all that cozy soft worn-in cotton, though.


You have a way of bringing back great memories for me. My mother made each of us grrls a new night gown (flannel) every Christmas. I still remember the smell of them fresh off the clothesline. I've given up night gowns as I find myself wrapped up with them twisted around and around my legs and I'm way to warm. What a wonderful N, Vicki!

Mary in Boston

What a wonderful collection. And such great pictures. Especially the rooftop one. Staggers the imagination, what you must do for your pictures!

I like nightgowns, but have gravitated more towards pjs for the last few years. Doesn't stop me from coveting your collection though.



Holy cow, woman! You've got yourselves lots and lots of beautiful nightgowns! (Can I REALLY be THAT far behind on the friggin abc's?????)
Can you tell me your source? That is my favo kind of nightgown and I can't seem to come up with any. Of course, I'd probably have to go IN to many stores to say that I've searched.
I hate to shop.


OH MY GOD. You are my hero. A plethora of nightgowns. Just as good as an abundance of pajamas. Let us have a pajama/nightgown day to beat the band. But sometime in the fall. It's just too, too much right now...


What a fabulous picture! I must go and purchase a nightgown to wear now.


GREAT photo of all the nighties on the line, in the sunshine, an inspired and wonderful tribute to the letter N. It makes me wish I wore nightgowns, but as a restless sleeper, I have put my foot right threw (as in ripped) many a nightgown that my mum made for me (whilst sleeping), thus t-shirts are the way, but not as romantic and beautiful as your gowns.


This is a wonderful post, Vicki...and I'm not even sure about all the reasons why!


Oh. major nightgown my opinion, there is not much better than a soft white nightgown.......great picture!


What a wonderful post! I always wore nightgowns years ago and have somehow drifted away from them. Your fabulous photos are making me nostalgic...not only for my nightgowns, but for a clothesline! I miss the smell of wash fresh off the line.


Fabulous pictures Vicki. But you are a freaking Nut! How many do you have? I like a well-worn t-shirt.


those are the best kind. I have a shorter version and I have spent many a rainy day or playing hookie sitting and knitting in mine.

:) fabulous!

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