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Hot, hot, hot!

*gasp* It's all about knitting

Dsc07794I spent some time working on Maddy's Robot last night, finishing the seaming on the body.  I still have to seam the arms and attach them, then I can stuff and close and call it done -- hopefully yet today!  That'll make the girl happy.  I'll be signing her up soon for driver's ed soon (*gulp* my baby) and that will make her happy, too.  Ali's got Oddfellow riding shotgun, perhaps Maddy will have Robot...  Katie is saving big-time for a car (either a new Yaris or a used Impreza) and will have to choose a car toy, too.  ; )

Knitty.  I've been carrying around a little reminder-to-post/memo-to-self about the patterns for over a week and now that it's been misplaced, I'm ready.  Yeah.  I'm happy that this is the last of the "crazy" issues, but also happy with quite a few of the patterns -- and so happy for Amy.  My friend Cara, of course, had the Spin-Out article in the Knittyspin section of this issue -- "yeah, yeah, yeah," I know you've probably all read it by now, but she's amazing -- and a force -- so keep your eye on her.  Stand-out patterns, to me, are:

RPM -- Isn't that spiral thing cool?

Baudelaire -- I think this is my favorite pattern and -- look! -- Lynne's already started a pair!

Crosspatch -- I absolutely totally love this hat, and especially the colors that Elizabeth used for the model.

Swell -- I'm trying not to knit anything (much) for the holidays this year, but I think I know one person who would really appreciate a hat in a design like this.  Same for Lilies.

Manresa -- I like the practicality of these and the traditional design, as a woman of a certain age, though, legwarmers just conjure weird things in my head; these might help me finally let all that go.

I also like Sivia Harding's Reptilian Lace socks, but found myself clicking through to her website and ordering the pattern for the Victorian Shoulderette, which I like even more.  ; )  I have a number of perfect yarn candidates in stash for that, I would definitely wear that, and it'll get me doing a little lace.

While I'm at it, Magknits had some stand-outs, too.

It's not quite my style, but I think Wimbledon is a beautiful sweater.  Alison is an amazing knitter, designer, blogger, and knit-along hostess, not to mention mother.  When she combines a number of those things into one project, WOW (one of my all-time favorites)!

The Pixie Sundress is genius.  I don't have a girl to make this for, but I'm going to have to make it anyway.

Alexandra works wonders with a camisole, Ballet.

Bakerloo is another intriguing sock design.

Dsc07795 Dsc07806

Here's progress on the two vests.  There's been a slight change in material for the one on the left due to a visit to the yarn shop.  I just got it in my head to go the other day and so I did.  Katie came along to Iris Fine Yarns where I found some Ella Rae Kasbah in color 301 that reminds me of a sandy beach is just fantastic with the Hemp Yarn -- they're both kind of rustic.  The Kasbah replaces the Imagine which wound up back in stash.  The vest on the right is complete and utter, random frivolousness.

They're ready for their close-ups.

Dsc07797 Dsc07807


Vote for Carole (or Pedro or someone -- just get out and vote -- but my vote goes to Carole) -- she's a finalist in The Amazing Lace Poetry Challenge.

Chipn0ceA plug for Stacey's friend Dale who recently underwent a bone marrow transplant.  There's a fundraiser underway through August 2nd to help with expenses -- Chip-'n-for-Dale -- with fabulous daily prizes, too.

Coming up tomorrow:  Saturday Sky at 95 degrees.  HOT!



THANKS for the shout out, Vicki! mwah
And I love the pattern for that Victorian Shoulderette - so glad you linked over to that, too. Have a great weekend!


I think Carole has more friends than anyone else! LOL
My Saturday sky will be over 100! At least the humidity will be 10% but it's still stifling.
Your review of patterns is great;-)


"vote for Pedro" heh. :) I voted for my Carole. I'd vote for her no matter what.
Love your vests. Some great knittng. And lots of inspiration around here.
I hate hot. ANd we have hot. Ick. Come on autumn.
I know, I can make enemies that way.


Love the robot -- I haven't knit any toys, but that sure is great looking!


Thank you so much for posting the button :)


Thank you so much for posting the button :)


i could not believe the interweave issue
you have posted. just yesterday i was search-
local yarnshops for that exact back issue.
i think it is one of the best! several items that i want to knit.
is that issue a duplicate- are you going to sell it? is it available?
fingers and toes crossed.

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