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A good time was had by all.  We fed crackers to the giraffes (like Rye-Krisp, except for animals!) and had ice cream ourselves -- and a carousel ride!  I have color in my face!!

The giraffe pair we saw yesterday are very young (more) and not nearly as large as those pictured yesterday -- just as fascinating, though.  That 18-inch, black tongue is something else!  It was very cool to be so up close and personal!

Everyone came over and we grilled turkey burgers (WW recipe) and zucchini last night and had strawberry pie (WW recipe) with fresh berries and it just couldn't have been a better day.  Just what I needed.

BTW, the moronic mantra running rampant through Long Island WW meetings appears to work by osmosis, since I lost a solid 2 pounds last week, bringing my total to just over 7.  You know what?  I can tell.  Even that relatively small amount has made a difference.  Just a few more and I will not have to be quite so choosy every morning, standing in the doorway of my closet, wondering about which pants I should wear (stretchy, elastic, drawstring... what kind of day is it today?).  OMG, one of the things I found in my cleaning/purging/organizing the other day is my original WW Lifetime Membership card -- I even still had the last few meeting card thingies from way back when (I tossed 'em, thank you very much).

; )  After today, I have four days off.  There will be more cleaning/purging/organizing.  I'm on a roll now!  I'll have some fun, too -- and as Bob is my witness, there will be knitting!



Glad you had a great day at the zoo and with family for dinner. I've lost 8 pounds total and, while I still have a long way to go, it's not as far as it was. Congratulations to you and have a fantastic holiday weekend!


Congratulations!!! I agree -- it's great to open the closet and have some choices. I have my old cards too -- I think I've joined/quit many times over the year. But, I'm going better/more committed this time. Have a WONDERFUL weekend!


I'm a drawstring girl myself. ;-) Have a great weekend!! I hope you have more fun than cleaning/purging/organizing.


Now I'm in the mood for a trip to the zoo too. Somehow I bet thats not the best choice this weekend though.
Have a good weekend!


Keep on with the purging ( if only because I need a buddy) and have a great four days off!


Congrats on the weight loss! I am keeping close tabs, trying to lose the 8 I gained back while stressing out a lot this spring and lost 2 so far. I love the photo with the baby above the giraffe's head; too cute.


Cute photos! And congrats on the weight loss! I'm battling my weight too and every lost pound counts!! =)


yay for mantras! I will never question their wisdom again.


Congratulations on the weight loss!

Those giraffes are so cute! Looks like you had a fun day at the zoo.

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