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Scribbling: My Shoes

I usually have only one pair of shoes in favor at a time, changing only with the seasons -- and as far as shoes are concerned, there are two seasons:  sandal season and not sandal season.  This is contrary to recommended practice for good foot health, but I've always been contrary to recommended practice for good health -- though I did quit smoking a year ago -- I don't floss, and I don't eat enough fruits or vegetables, I don't drink enough water or get enough exercise...

Dsc07052_1_2Sandal season generally runs from April to November.  For many years, I favored plain flip-flops with thick soles, but I have graduated and the sandals, most recently, have almost always been Birkenstocks -- a new pair every few years -- and, yes, I do wear them with socks.  In April and May, October and November, mornings in the upper-midwest can be chilly, but it warms up quite substantially during the day and toes can be fully exposed without danger.

Dsc05908_1I have a new favorite not sandal season shoe -- a waterproof, slip-on Bass -- which I happened upon last fall totally under the gun when I flew east and found that I didn't bring appropriate footwear for the weather.  My friend took me to a Bass shoe outlet and I bought two pair, but the slip-ons have been favored from the first.  I've never had a shoe so comfortable from the start.

There are others on the closet floor -- tennies, some mules, a pair of out-of-style heels and some strappy, dressy sandals -- special occasion shoes that spend most of their time collecting dust.  I can't just grab them and go, then, because they require dust removal (it can become quite substantial between special occasions) and verification that no spiders have taken up residence in the toes.  I should keep them in boxes, but I don't.

Among my favorite shoes of all time were my "ketchup-and-mustard" bowling-style shoes -- yellow and red, but not in a Ronald McDonald way -- that I wore to complete shreds in high school; the four-inch, spiky black heels that I broke while dancing to "That Old Time Rock & Roll" -- back in the days when I wore heels and danced.  I do still dance, but privately and not in heels.

Dsc04033_1I always thought it a very cruel trick of the universe that my mother, a confirmed lover of shoes in the one-of-every-color camp, has feet so much smaller and narrower than any of her four daughters and most of her granddaughters, too.  The shoe gene seems to have skipped a generation in our family, though, and the one granddaughter most apt to fit the stylish grandmother hand-me-downs is also a shoe-lover, and happens to be mine.

Writing prompt at Sunday Scribblings.

Further observations made whilst posting...  Perhaps the measure of a shoe-lover is not judged only by quantity of actual shoes.  Perhaps a shoe-lover could be someone who actually writes about and posts pictures of shoes -- on a knitting blog -- even before finding a writing prompt... could maybe cut some slack if it was a shoe blog, or they were knitted shoes... (who in their right mind classifies tennies as "special occasion shoes"?) maybe I am in denial about being a shoe freak.



I love shoes but I hardly have any by most people's standards. It's all about quality and not quantity.
Love those red ones.


I love shoes, too. But I'd rather be barefoot!


A shoe lover can love only one or two shoes at a time, too. They don't need 20 pair to be classified as a shoe lover;-)


I just recently discovered my shoe-freak side - I went through a period of having to have really really cute shoes. Then I went back to school and started wearing the same pair of slip on Merrell mocs every day. I retired them this winter after five long years of hard work - and immediately replaced them with another pair of slip on (LLBean) mocs. I did change one thing about them - these ones are brown, not black.

The leopard print heels in my closet aren't getting much love this rainy spring.


I am a shoe and handbag lover. I figure that anyone can have a love affair with shoes. They are a great accessory!


So I'm a lover of Birks, myself. I seriously need to get some more. But I really do like those red shoes. Except I'm a bit more understated.


I love, love, love shoes and have to admit to having lots and lots!
Right now I am trying to match fabric for a dress, for a wedding, to the shoes I fell in love with and bought first. I do realise as my search remains fruitless that this probably isn't the most sensible way to do things, I now have all my friends searching too, otherwise I will just have to buy another pair of shoes, oh and handbag, forgot about that. Wish me luck!


I love shoes!!!! The more the merrier. Want to know why? (say yes) I can buy shoes that fit and I can't buy clothes that fit. I can change the look of an outfit with shoes. My shoe size has changed from a 5 before children to a present 6. I won't tell you my dress size, but it is way more of a drastic change than the shoes. I am 4'11 and can never find clothes that fit. Everything has to be altered--which is a pain. (Petites are always too long and regulars have a waist that comes down to my knees) Thus my reasoning for buying every pair of shoes that I can--they fit and don't have to be altered in any way. For me, it's much more fun shopping for shoes :)


I must confess. I, too, am a total shoe addict. You can try on shoes without taking any clothes off, and without having to look at yourself in those awful body-morphing mirrors..........


Those knit shoes are awesome. I'm sure my dog would be on a pair like white on rice; she loves knitting and loves shoes and managed to eat my Steve Madden knit clogs in record time...

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