I just about choked on my toast!
Without FA (further ado), it's an FO (finished object)

What do you think...


Does this sweater make my butt look big?

I'm a little unhappy with some puckering, especially in the back in the Blossom band (it's picked up and knit down).  I was this >< close to tearing it out and staying up all night to re-knit, but I believe it was Claudia's Blog where I once read a wise little tidbit suggesting that late-night, hair-trigger decisions to rip are often regretted in the morning (or possibly much sooner, if you're staying up all night to re-knit what you've torn out).  Olympic gold is on the line.  I have set it to as brutal a damp blocking as I can and I'll just pray all night.  In other news, I made the neckband a little wider today, sewed the sleeve seams, made that mountain of laundry into a molehill.  Good night.



I think it looks great. I think every woman in the world thinks their butt looks big when you only look at that part. I know I do. I'm not a particularly large person but I have much wider hips than top and actually a really thin material IMHO makes you look bigger if it clings. I'm glad you didn't rip. Now show us the whole sweater on you and I'll betcha you will be pleased in the morning.


It looks great, can't wait to see the whole thing later.


The answer to your question is NO.


Who did you get to take that picture? I want to see the whole sweater too!


Nice ass (I stole that line from ann). Blocking will no doubt help the puckering if it's a small amount. It really looks great in the picture. You will surely be wearing a gold medal today!


NO - your butt does NOT look big. I want to see the whole sweater too - I'm sure it's smashing. :)

Mary Beth

Can't wait to see the rest of you in it! (I think brown was the most lovely main color choice!)


NO!!! The sweater is FABULOUS! Please though, more photos....


Oh, the sweater looks wonderful from this angle. I don't usually *look* at a sweater from this angle tho. Accoding to my monitor, your butt is unusually small - it's only 3 1/2 inches across. If I could hold the tape measure and hold the camera too I would prove it to you.


Hell no, it does NOT make your butt look fat.
In fact Vicki, it looks awesome!


Any minor puckering will surely relax with blocking and wear. ( I can't even SEE any puckering in the pic, what I can see looks faboo!) The colors are gorgeous and the cabling is to die for. I really hope you haven't ripped!
Your butt looks fine, dahling! Worry not.


I think it looks perfect. I don't see any puckering.


Nope. No. Absolutely not. In fact, I think the shaping is flattering, and the yarn change hits at a nice place on your hips.

I ma glad you didn't rip. As to puckering, it's VERY minor, and I bet it well relax in blocking. No one can pick up that many stitches without some uneveness.

Wonderful cables :) Can't wait to see the whole thing!

Oh yeah - John Corbett = YUM. But he's not going to act anymore? EEK.


LOL - one of the questions that make husbands fear and tremble. ;-)

Of course, it looks wonderful - I love your color combo. Can't wait to see the final modeling shots. Way to go, Olympian!


I think it looks great Vicki and I don't see any puckering either.


I think it's gorgeous! No ripping allowed!


No, but if you look at the photos on your next post you'll see that it flatters your front porch. That wide placket is a lovely touch.

Lizzy B

It's Gorgeous! Your butt looks fine silly! I don't see any puckering either so wear it with pride!

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