Without FA (further ado), it's an FO (finished object)
My brother

It's Monday, "how about we go from huge to medium?"

Heh.  Can you tell that I watched the Olympics while I did my Olympic knitting?  No doubt, I've seen more commercial time for The Apprentice than the actual show over the years.  The Donald is just weird; he can also be very, very funny and the commercial where he wakes up Patricia Arquette/The Medium, stands at the foot of her bed and says this to her (because his show is moving to the slot before hers on Monday nights), well, it cracked me up every time.  Honestly, I smile just to think of it.  ; )  Oh, and one of the funniest parts is that he says "huge" with a silent "h" and draws it out in a very Donald-y way.  I'm dyin' over here.  ; )

I, too, am moving from huge to medium.  With the Olympic knitting finished ('uge), I am moving back to Shirley Shrugs (medium, though really rather huge).  I am working on that baby 'til it's finished.  Some (my mom) might argue that the shrug would have made for fine Olympic knitting.  I'm waiting for her to announce that she deserves some one-on-one with Williamsro for having to wait.  She fell hard for it on opening weekend.

Dsc06646Dsc06647And in looking ahead, things will soon get small!  In the middle of Olympics fever, I still did a fair amount blog-trolling/reading/skimming and I even won a contest!  There was a sweet, little prize package from Jess in the mail over the weekend (wow, she's quick!) and I'm so looking forward to casting on socks in spring colors!  The pastel ball (Easter eggs!) on the left is Trekking XXL, and the brighter ball (tulips & daffodils!) is Sockotta.  That's a fun, little prize, Jess, and you've definitely got me thinking spring!  She also sent some Choxie truffles, which helped to fuel this Olympian to glory, a set of magnets and an inflatable bath pillow.  Thank you, Jess.  Now, I've got to get that shrug finished...

Thank you very much for all the nice comments about Williamsro.  I'm attempting to reply to each one and/or pay a visit-and-comment; I type fast, but for some reason, this is a very slow process.



Ooo, that Easter Egg Trekking is lovely.


You liked that commercial? Huh. It drove me nuts. Almost as much as the one with the cars honking their horns to the Olympic theme.


Just now tuning in and checking out your new Olympian sweater! Gorgeous, simply gorgeous!

I thought that Donald Trump/Medium commercial was so funny - almost made me want to tune in to those shows - but no.


For some unknown reason, I really like that commercial. Weird, huh?


So glad you liked your prize! :o))

I have to admit - I was completely sick of all the commercials by the end of the Olympics. And I have TiVo!! ;o)


You are in for a treat with that Sockotta. I've made two pairs of socks with it and it patterns so prettily. Have fun!
P.S. the Williamro is beautiful, and your butt looks great in it.

Elaine Sneed

Love the sweater!! It looks great! I want to do it too. Love your site also....I am a little south of you. In Rockford, IL.


Kim/Curlie Girl

I like the commercial, it makes me laugh each time! And ooohhhh, perfect easter sock colours!

I didn't get a chance to leave a comment about your beloved Williamsbo, it looks lovely on you! Very stunning and flattering, and I just adore the different textures...I think I must go knit something with two different yarns...lol! You're a gold medalist in my eyes all the time! Congrats!

Lizzy B

Ah yes... 'UGE.... I swear I saw that commercial at least 50 times! :) It still makes me giggle too...

Can you imagine if they had Bob Costas do it? :)

Lovely springy yarns there!

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