Red are strawberries

B is for...

BBowls.  (With lots of pictures for that slimmer skimmer Ann.)  It was not by happenstance that my sister gave me bowls for Christmas.  She has given me many bowls for many Christmases and not so much because she makes them as because I kind of like them a little.  Okay, okay, a LOT!

Dsc06357Dsc06363I gathered all my bowls for a picture yesterday.  These portraits do not include my more everyday collection of soup/sauce/cereal bowls or any that were holding leftovers in the 'fridge.

Dsc06371Dsc06372They're like my kids in that there are no favorites, except for that stack on the left of bowls that Ali made and the ones my sister made and those green ones and that blue one and the ones with the girl watering the garden... see?  I love them all.  This is a utilitarian collection -- I use most of these bowls -- that does double-duty as decorative element because all of my upper kitchen cabinets have glass doors.  One of the nice things about having such a large and varied collection is that I can always come up with the right bowl for the job!  I love to stand in front of the cabinet, peruse the display, and carefully choose my bowl.

Cuckoo.  Go ahead, you can call me that.  I think all collectors are a little off their rocker -- they've just got to be!  And it's catchy:  Katie's already declared her love for bowls and her intention to populate her own cabinets in such a way someday; Ali makes them; not able to take a reading on Maddy yet.



I love your bowls! I, too, received bowls (recycled glass - from Mom) for Christmas and have received others from her on past Christmases.


I have a thing for bowls, too. They are very practical and beautiful, too. It's a perfect container for all sorts of items to show off or store. And the bowl alone can be a thing of beauty.
A favorite saying is 'Life is just a chair of bowlies.';-)


Great collection! I don't think you're cuckoo at all. They are useful and pretty and that's a good thing.


you are a girl after my own heart dearie! someday I want to see this collection in person! (and yes, that is a threat)




Is it bad to covet the bowls??? They are wonderful!


We are collecting soul sisters, I swear! I love, love love bowls...they are such utilitarian little works of art!

Mary Beth

What a nice set of bowls you have! (ok, that sounded weird.) Seriously, what a cool thing to collect - the possibilities are endless! (BTW - Williamsro is a GREAT choice for the olympics - go for it!)


the slimmer skimmer. you crack me up. what a cool and practical collection. bowls are's the shape. graceful and womanlike.


I love using some bowls I made myself quite a few years ago. Also love bowls that nest in one another! I'm enjoying your blog a lot.

Mary in Boston

I'm with Jackie. I covet thy bowls as well. Hee. The cobalt blue ones are my favorite. I look for them all the time at auctions and shops.

How goes the swatching (training) on Williamsro?


I make more bowls in pottery than anything else, and I only make useful things. I peruse my collection and choose the right bowl for the job, too! I'm okay, you're okay, and we are not alone!


What gorgeous bowls - can't wait to see what other pottery photos you send our way. You are lucky to have a sister who has such exquisite taste and is happy to share with you. :)


what a fantastic collection!


I will never think about bowls in the same way again! While I have loved them long, I have never given them such honor. Consider me a convert!

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