What's a girl to do?

It's criminal

Dsc06162Criminal Thing #1:  Spherey and all his friends.  They are all so adorable, there really oughtta be a law!  Everyone to whom I've either shown the project and/or the book has melted with the cuteness.  Ali said that she needs an Oddfellow.

Among my shopping* stops last night was Hobby Lobby for Spherey's eyeballs.  I bought a couple of different sizes, because I think Squarey is in the line-up -- he's just got to be.  And the robot and the bear and the Knitty kitty Kate!  See?  Too much cuteness!!

Criminal Thing #2:  Being a Jaywalker!  Jaywalking is illegal, you know!  My mother is constantly breaking the law and I'm often party to it -- have been for years!  Almost every time we break the law in this manner, she tells me about the time she was jaywalking with all five of us little kids in tow.  She ran right into an officer of the law!  He did not arrest her or issue a citation, but he did give her a little (embarrassing) sidewalk lecture about not setting a good example for her children.  Heh, we see how well that worked!  So, I'm feelin' some Jaywalker love right off the bat!  Love.that.yarn!  I'm only a few rows into the zig-zag pattern, but have a doctor appointment this afternoon and, well, it depends...  I'll either be striking the pose (see Ann's comment) right off the bat or doing a lot of waiting/knitting.

Also, today, I'm going to do something I've never done before.  I'm going to sew a zipper into a knitted sweater.  And guess what?  It's not even my sweater!  Yessireebob and that bears repeating:  I'm going to sew my first zipper into a sweater that isn't even mine!!!  There's only one person in this world who would volunteer me for such a thing -- I think this is Criminal Thing #3.  Heh, not only volunteer me, but also tell me that it will satisfy some super-secret debt that's owed that he won't even tell me the circumstances about which.  I think I'm earning something, but I don't know what!  Heeee.  It'll be fine -- I've led the cheer many times and shown others The Way in the past, and the zipper's even already basted in.  Now it's time to take my own medicine, so to speak.  The party for whom I am doing the round-about favor is so worth it, anyway (Hi M), but, you know, I can't resist making a little noise.

*That all went pretty well, by the way.  I feel better today.  I bought myself a little treat while I was at the candy store and scarfed it all down on my way to the next stop -- could have used a Coke to wash down all that chocolate, but I survived.  I don't think the red Jordan Almond** stained my teeth, either.  I think Norma and I are sharing a wavelength or two this year -- obviously, I'm no stranger to the inner sloth, but I'm also looking to the new year as the time to start afresh.  That's why I just bookmarked the calendar page to the yoga studio that's right frickin' next door to where I work.  I'm also planning to give up WW Online and find a meeting instead.  Yeah, remember that?  My back is telling me that I have to 1) lose some of the quit-smoking-pounds I've packed on over the past nine months, and 2) move and get some exercise.

**Jordan Almonds were always my favorite candy at the movies***.  They're not even available at the movies now; I'm not sure when they stopped selling them.  My friend's Raisinettes would be history before the previews were even over and I'd still have candy to munch on well into the feature.

***I was sitting around with some friends and an embellished Coke on Monday night and someone asked:  What's the first movie you remember seeing at the theater?  For me, the first one that sticks in my memory is Disney's Jungle Book.  I think it's the situation more than the movie that makes it stick...  We arrived at the theater late and the movie had already started -- mom took all of us and it was showing at a single-screen, downtown movie theater.  We watched the movie and then stayed for the beginning of the second show -- we were only going to stay until we saw what we'd missed.  We ended up staying for the entire second show!  I'm sure it wasn't often that all five of us were happy and quiet all at the same time, why disturb that?  What do you wanna bet we jaywalked on the way back to the car?


Mary in Boston

Love the pic of the cat with Spherey...hee! He/she is lieing on the Time magazine it looks like. Why do cats like to lie on newspapers and magazines? And usually when I'm trying to read them.

I think I'm going to do the WW meetings too. I've been online, but it's just too hard to log everything every day. Good luck with the yoga! I hear it's terrific of back problems. I wanna find a pilates studio. *Sigh* New Year's resolutions.

Mary in Boston

er, that should read, terrific FOR back problems.


Memories of the first movie I remember came flooding back. Enjoy the Holidays and let's all start anew in 2006.


I haven't put back on too much of the weight I lost, but I haven't run in forever. I'm really looking forward to getting back into it.

Did you know that gummy bears are relatively fat free?

I'll need a picture of the sock, missy, for the Friday update. WHOO HOO!


how did it go today? did you leave your socks on at the dr's??


I intend to pig out for Christmas and pay the penalty in January when I get back on WW scales and gasp in horror that anyone could actually put that much on in one week! Ho hum ;)


I love Spherey. I am going to make one for ME. My fiance has requested a Robot, and Kate is a must-knit!


Vick...come visit my blog and see Squarey! Don't you just love, love, love all these guys?

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