The boat leaves today

Nirvana with mods

Due to the weather at the site where the knit-blogger nirvana weekend was set to commence this afternoon (Newark), my plane was delayed in Chicago. By quite a lot. This happened the last time I flew to this area (June), but all was forgiven with the moon rising over the water and through the clouds and with the night-time fly-over right over Manhattan. So cool. And that time, too, I wasn't stuck sitting on the frickin' airplane with some loud-mouth guy (named John) playing gin rummy with his wife (Helen); singing happy birthday to his grandson -- twice (once on the machine at home, once on mommy's cell), he's four; rapping his fingers every five seconds on either the window or the tray that's attached to the back of MY seat, or vigorously tapping the deck of cards on the very same tray (that's the one attached to the BACK OF MY SEAT). It was most annoying when I was dozing and then awoke with the WHAM!WHAM!WHAM! Oh, yeah, and the mother of the 4yo's sister was in labor, so there were frequent updates about water breaking and labor pains and would the cousins share a birthday? My row -- I got to share with two great women -- shared a lot of giggles, really. They were great.

So, to make a long story short... it was getting late, so rather than Ann coming in and waiting, or the Boar staying in and waiting (yeah, the Boar!), and since Cara did not go to Philly after all and is only 20 minutes from the airport and this was the original plan, anyway, I am now Cara's guest. Ann went to all that work, too! Maybe she'll bring me a pork sandwich tomorrow and a little Tupp*rw*re container of homemade applesauce. She said something about chocolate cake during one of our update phone conversations today, too. Oh yeah -- I even had a conference call with Cara & Ann today! It was pretty funny, too.

With all that waiting time, though, I was able to finish the gusset decreases on my sock and I'm cruisin' on the foot. I got a good bit of the end of The Other Boleyn Girl read, too. That was the subject of last night's book club meeting. Ooops. Wow, it's really getting good now, though, and wouldn't you know that practically the first passage I read, cooped up on the plane and all, was the juiciest yet. Whew, it got a little warm on the plane.

I'm on a borrowed laptop in Cara's living room, so please forgive the absence of linkage -- I'm feeling all thumbs. Heading north (I think it's north) tomorrow afternoon. I may need to get new shoes first.



I was thinking about bringing you some leftovers! so glad you are on the ground safe & sound - just wish it was LI ground. Oh well. Cannot wait until tomorrow!


Glad you've arrived safe and sound!


Have fun!!!


Glad you made it safely! Man, oh, man. Mother Nature's PISSED.


I liked The Other Boleyn Girl, Tudor history my favourite kind. Have a great weekend, hope it doesn't rain too much.


Have a wonderful time! Don't you just love flying? :)


See, now, that's what Ann gets planning a break fast with Pork. I don't care if she is the Purling Swine.

You're still sleeping right now even though I just snuck in the guest room to get Georgie the pair of pants he was missing. Couldn't let him go to work without his pants!

I'm so glad to have you - hope the pizza wasn't too bad!

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