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You might think that Rhinebeck was all about the wood!  I wouldn't want to disappoint, so here's mine -- petrified, with haiku and four play.


Socks That Rock from The Fold, 100% superwash merino, two hanks, the color “Petrified Wood."  Taking a cue from Cara, I bought this with a shawl in mind, but it might very well turn into plain, old (but very nice) socks.


Next up is one hank of Alchemy's Haiku from Amazing Threads (not sure which one to link to), 40% silk, 60% mohair, in the color “Olive Branch."  It came with a free pattern for one very big scarf or two regular; I think I'll make two "regular" as Christmas gifts.


The last of my fiber purchases is one hank of Brooks Farm's, Four Play, 50% wool/50% silk, in orange and red and pink and even some gold.  I have in mind a simple, bright shawl -- something to make the days of January and February a little less dreary.  This kind of reminds me of my Kool-aid dyed yarn.


I wore my Simply Garter Shapely Shawlette (I have to post a better picture!) on Saturday and it drew many a compliment.  I'll tell you, folks, there could hardly be a more simple or better written pattern -- combine it with terrific yarn, and it's a winner.  I have loved that shawl from the moment it was finished, and was honestly (and very pleasantly) surprised at how many others seem to like it, too.  Anyway, with the Four Play, I'll either do Simply Garter again or a variation (some YOs, a few k2togs).

Sunday dawned colder and breezier.  Other than my gray cotton, garter stitch, Target clearance sweater, St. Brigid -- taking up a great deal of space in my suitcase -- was the only sweater I'd packed.  I'd wanted to bring another, but there just wasn't room, and so was happy that the sacrifice wasn't for naught.  It was fun to wear it amongst such a knowing and appreciative crowd.


Mary in Boston

Wow, nice yarn! I should have stayed with you guys as I don't remember ever finding Brooks Farm, or Alchemy.


And I missed seeing St. Brigid in person. Wahhh. But I'm glad you had the chance to wear it amongst people who know just what an accomplishment that sweater is!


St. Brigid is divine - just like it's maker! Because I am a complete and utter ass, I still haven't mailed your phone. It's sitting in the middle of the floor by the front door to remind me. So, you know, I step over it and forget. TODAY. For sure.


So many great all make me drool!


Your St. Brigid was discussed last night at the Harlot book signing. All who attended Rhinebeck were praising it's glory.
Glad you had fun. I want some Socks That Rock yarn! Damnit!


Fabulous yarn! Looks like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing. On another note, every time I visit your blog there is a 3" grayish space across the top of the page. It's been there for awhile now where I think your heading used to be. Which seems to now be down the side. Maybe it's just IE, but that's how it shows up on my computer.


Your St. Brigid is a memorable bloggeriffic knit, Vicki. It shall forever remain on our knitterly brains. OK, enough with the whacked words...

AWESOME finds at Rhinebeck! Seems like the SOCKS that ROCKS were *the* find to behold. I can't wait to get my grubby hands on some via mail-order.


PS. I'm on IE right now, no strange 3" grayish here.


Oh yes, were St. Brigid's ears burning last night? Tons of praises about it at the book signing. I am having major Socks That Rock envy.


St. Brigid is the perfect fall fiber festival sweater. Sounds like she made an impression. :)

The Four Play knits up so prettily in simple garter stitch, I think the shawlette would be a perfect match.


That St Bridgid, she really gets around doesn't she? So lovely, so soft and SO talked about last night.

It was great to meet you last weekend, and I can't wait to see how you use all of these lovely yarns you scored.


Your sock/shawl yarn is just yummy!!! I'm sorry that I missed you in Rhinebeck!


Your St. Brigid is gorgeous! I so enjoyed admiring it.


Very nice :) You made out very well!

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