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Dsc05734I know I wasn't the only one who was disappointed in the souvenirs at Rhinebeck.  I'm a bit partial to the Tunis sheep and was excited to buy a shirt or something, but the fabric/colors/styles were horrible, in my opinion, with this design.  I loved the black sweatshirt, but wasn't about to spend $40-50 on a dumb ol' sweatshirt.  Instead, I spent $15 on a dumb ol' tote bag that isn't even canvas -- it's cotton, and I'd better not think I'm going to tote much of anything in it.  Red is a dumb color for it, too, but oh well.

Dsc05737Dsc05735Making me feel better today is this new yarn.  Call me fickle, but it's my new favorite.  It accompanied The Purl Stitch and a box of Clover pins, along with a sweet card, from my Better Pal.  Back to the yarn...  It's 412 yards of handpainted baby alpaca, in a color called "Juniper," from Sporfarm in The Dalles, OR (sorry, no online presence).  It's so soft and it smells so good and the colors are amazing.  See?  Oh, whatever shall I do with it??  Thank you, Pal, you made my day.  It's scrumptious!

Dsc05738Ai is preparing for her annual Halloween party.  I think I'll be seaming the yellow object at right and sewing on those little flower buttons.  It's due for a ride on the mail truck!  Last year, I was knitting a St. Brigid sleeve during this soiree.  I recall that one of her friends sat down at the table and asked me about my "sewing."



Good job Better Pal! G always calls my knitting my sewing - as in "Can't you stop sewing even for a second?" I tell him I don't know what he's talking about - I'm not sewing.


Great gifts - lucky you!! I hate to admit to a bit of jealousy...I wish I had a BP. ;( I hope Ali has a great time!!


Pretty new yarn! I have "The Purl Stitch" on my nightstand right now -- I like it. Hope Ali's party was fun!


That yarn looks so good and I love those colors. What's wrong with a red tote bag? At least it's not plain canvas like so many others, right? Besides, red's my favorite color. If you wanna get rid of it you could just send it to me. Hee.


your yarn reminds me of the four play I bought

kathy b

Wow, that is wonderful S.P. yarn.

Happy Halloween.

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