I'm home
Knock on wood


At The Fold -- when there was still some Socks That Rock to be had... there's Peg, Cara, and Ann.


Ann invited us all to check out her new made-to-order bag. Elisa and Wendy also find it to their liking!  It's a testament to love that she packed only clothing that would match this fabulous bag.

It was absolutely gorgeous.
There was great food and fabulous friends.

I'm sorry I don't have much time for more than a mostly picture post today -- there's lots to catch up on in the real world!  I seem to easily shift right into overload every time I think about Rhinebeck and what I could possibly say.  I sigh and think about how wonderful it all was and I'm rendered nearly speechless even yet.  Don't you worry, there are stories to tell and I will find the words!

Those of you wanting to see pics of my haul will likely be very disappointed.  I made exactly three fiber purchases, each quite small -- loved, though, and that's the most important part.  Hopefully, pics of purchases tomorrow -- there may possibly be pics of my first kitchenered sock toe, too.




I'm glad you had a wonderful time. Can't wait to see pictures of your haul!


It's all about the grrl anyway! Glad you had a super good time. You going back next year?


That dog bowl filled with fries was ridiculous. How come there are so many pictures of my ass around blogland? At least it's looking skinny. ;-)

Seriously - you didn't buy ANYTHING. But shoes. You have to blog about the shoes.


Cara is too funny - but she's right, you didn't buy anything!! that's it, you'll just have to come back next year!

Mary in Boston

Hiya Vicki!!

Oh man, such a whirlwind trip for you! I'm sorry we couldn't serve up some better weather for the entire trip. Glad you got home a-OK.

It was wonderful to meet you and Ann. I wish I had spent more time with you guys. You all seemed so very nice! And I would have loved to hear the Barry Manilow singing.

Also, I didn't see any shoes at Rhinebeck...I'm confused..heh. I'm with Ann and Cara, you should come back again next year!


Tell Cara it's because her ASS was everywhere! That dog bowl of fries...How did I miss that? I would have had one, for sure, if I'd seen them!


I am glad you had a wonderful trip! Sorry I didn't run into though! Maybe next year because it sounds to me like you'll be going back. ;)

Teresa C

Wow, I never did get any fries, they sure look good.

It is so great to have met you, I hope we make this a yearly thing, but we know that the year brings changes, don't we? So, what did you buy?

Teresa C

BTW-thanks for the sharpie and the eraser. The notebook idea was great and just so you know, I will be swiping it. :)


Which one are you in the photos? Chelle

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