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I love the window seat in airplanes, but I'm afraid of heights -- I guess it's more a fear of falling -- and it gets worse and worse.  I decided yesterday that I'm also afraid of heights when OTHER people are up high.  DH trimmed the branches that were broken in a storm last week and I had to steady the ladder.  Recent events may have contributed to a heightened awareness, a more keen sense of how life can change in an instant.  It was precarious, I was nearly beside myself once or twice, thank goodness he took many breaks, made good use of rope, and I hope that if any more branches are broken in storms, they just break clean off!

Dsc05494Next week, we'll have a visitor from a foreign land at our house.  One of the state organizations that DH belongs to has been working on a Japanese artist exchange program for a few years and the time has finally arrived.  DH will pick up our guest, an architect, on Sunday, so we've been making lists and sprucing things up.  I have found a way to add interest to an otherwise hard-to-fill spot between the deck and walkway -- plates!  These are chipped dessert plates and saucers that I dug out of the mosaic stash.  The best part is that when they break (and you know they will), I'll be able to return them to the mosaic stash, no "harm" done.


I haven't heard a thing about the other part of the "exchange" -- like DH going to Japan.  Wouldn't that be cool?  Our guest is not bringing anyone with him, but there are some bringing spouses and whatnot.  It'll be a whirlwind, with events in Green Bay, Milwaukee and Madison.  Check the links if you're interested and will be in or around these parts.

Dsc05496_1As my "reward" for this and many other things about which I exhibit much patience, I'm "spending" that 5+ days I've accumulated by not smoking, along with some more of the money saved, and heading east.  Again.  Think sheep... and wool... and knitters/bloggers/turkeys/photographers extraordinaire... and RHINEBECK!  Can you believe it?  I can't believe it.  I think I'm on Cloud 9 -- but it's like being in an airplane, so I'm not afraid!

It was another sad Sunday for Packer fans yesterday (but Eagles fans had something to smile about!).  I was doing some stealth knitting -- Williamsro on a time out while I ponder size -- and helping my mom... with her knitting!  She knit years ago (in fact, she taught me), but it has been forever and it's not like riding a bike.  She was lured back by a half-price kit for a baby blanket.

The girl involved in the accident in my sister's town who was air-lifted to the hospital is in stable condition, last I heard.  She was conscious, moving, recognizing people, and suffering from a very bad concussion.  My sister went to a candlelight vigil on Saturday night for the girl who died.  She said it was hard to keep the tears back at times, of course, but was most touched by the sight of the girl's mother and the young man who was driving the truck embracing each other.  Sure makes you appreciate what you've got -- give 'em all a hug -- even while your heart fills thinking about what these people must be going through.




I finally finished those garter stitch baby booties over the weekend and they are darling! Thanks for all the wonderful coaching you gave me through that project. The second one was so much easier than the first! Once I finally got the hang of it, I loved them. I will send you a picture in a day or two. Chelle


I love your fill-in plates idea ( you knew I would) A Japanese guest - what fun. I would work very hard on the exchange part of the deal, with spousal privileges. Maybe you should knit him a little something....I'm very jealous that you are going to Rheinbeck. ..will have to live vicariously through the blogs AGAIN....


WHAT!? You're coming HERE!? ;-) I'm hiring a cleaning lady for just the occasion. What did turky girl say? Is she nuts? Is she home?

Yeah. Yeah. Eagles won. Whoopdeedoo. When can we get rid of TO? Sorry about the Pack. Rough start huh? BRING ON THE HOCKEY!


hip hip hooray!!! do my eyes deceive me, or is Cara now referring to me as turkey girl? she better be careful, or there will be a hat in her future too!

ps. very clever with the plates, m'dear.


Likin' the plates - very clever and sort of multi-tasking, too. Man, I was bummed before about having to miss Rhinebeck. But now? This sucks. But happy for you. Yeah, really. I am.

Mary Beth

The plates look so pretty among the fall leaves!

Mary Beth

The plates look so pretty among the fall leaves!


wow, i am so sad that i will not be going to rhinebeck. have fun.


I'm so glad that you are going to Rhinebeck! Take lots of pictures for those of us who won't be able to go. :)


I'M GOING TOO, I'M GOING TOO! Ummm sorry for shouting but I am so excited I can't stand it!

What a neat idea to do that with the old plates!


Yay, I hope we meet up! Love the plates. You are SOOOO creative.

Lynne S of Oz

Well I won't be at Rhinebeck or in Wisconsin, but I can say that the Eagles had a bad day on Saturday - they lost the AFL grandfinal to the Swans. ;-)


Love the plates - such a great idea! I'm so jealous about Rhinebeck. :(

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