Good times

Heeeeeere's Chelle!

Chelle knits, but doesn't have a knit blog.  (When are you going to change that, girl?)  She's been working on a layette and sent pictures as proof!

Pict0011 091405_baby_blanket Dumpall_092605_005

She used Minnowknits Pattern #189 for the hat and blanket, and "Garter Stitch Bootees" from Debbie Bliss Quick Baby Knits (the same pattern I used for M*c's favorites, the Kool-aid booties).  Chelle had (how shall I say it?) some frustration with the booties.  It's difficult to knit something so clever, but having no idea how it all works until you're finished.  Am I right, Chelle?  I admit to the same frustration.  In the end, I just had to trust that there weren't any mistakes, try not to read ahead too much (take it one step at a time), and hope that it would all turn out.  And, of course, it did; and the second one was much easier!

2304_1When Chelle wrote to me of ripping and with thoughts of giving up on the pattern, I used my "knowledge" and "ability" to draw a schematic of the problematic portion and emailed it to her.  Heh, some how, some way, this "illustration" provided some actual help.  Anyway, congratulations Chelle!

I hope you read Annie's post today, and the comments.  I've been thinking about it all morning, trying to form cohesive thoughts (they're coming together).  I just lost a humongous paragraph here, so I'm going to take it as a sign that I needn't be so long-winded.  Suffice it to say that I've gained a lot from blogging, not the least of which is the privilege to give (illustrated at right) now and then.

P.S.  I didn't really find Stephanie's number scrawled on the bathroom wall at the LYS, but ever since I wrote it, I've got this urge to do it...  and I've usually got a Sharpie handy!



Vicki - oh my goodness, you documented my struggles with the booties so well. And yes, I was about to give up on those darned things. But I am glad you helped me. The schematic is what finally made it clear what to do. You are such a doll to draw that for me. Now I'm starting on the Zimmermmann Baby Surprise sweater. That will be the last piece in the layette. Thanks again for all the encouragement and hand holding. I think you'd do very well as a professional knitting coach and hand holder! Chelle




Steph's number on a bathroom wall, huh? Sounds like a plan!
I thought Annie's post was very good, also. I've been enjoying reading the comments.


It's so much fun to see Chelle's knitting! She is so sweet and we knew she could knit. It's great to see!


I've got my green Sharpie in my bag, waiting to go. Wouldn't that be funny (in a way) to write down blog addresses on LYS bathroom walls (although I've never used the bathroom at my LYS..)


if I owned an LYS I would like that kind of graffiti

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