Do, re, mi, fa...
Yeah, I'm hooked

It's too bad...

Socks2_1...that my first socks aren't as photogenic as they are cute and comfy!  Woohoo, people, there they are:  My First Socks!!  (Thanks, Kt, for downloading and resizing and emailing me the pics before going to work yourself this morning.)  There's a better shot of the first finished sock on this post.  I described them to DH as girlie socks in manly yarn -- to me, the cables make them girlie and the color makes them manly (and also a photographic challenge -- I took three pics and, sadly, this is the best of the bunch).

Rib & Cable Socks by Nancy Bush in the recent issue of Interweave Knits, knit in Mountain Colors Bearfoot (as specified).  I had to go up a couple of needle sizes and I did one less repeat on the leg -- I don't remember why, but they're neither too long nor too short, so it's all good.  I'll add them soon to the complete photo album with more details (and maybe a better pic).

I was unable to download, resize and send my own pictures last night because I was too busy starting on My Second Socks!  It'll be a whirlwind trip up north this weekend, but I'll have two other drivers available, plus campfire time, and if it rains (somewhat likely, I hear), I'll have even more otherwise-idle time, so I had to, you see... I just had to start them in case I need something to do!  If nothing else, they'll provide the infinite comfort I get from just bringing my knitting along and knowing it's there.  Specifics?  Waving Lace Socks, by Evelyn Clark, from Spring 2004 Interweave Knits; I'm using the green & white Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock (as specified) that I bought at Purl in NYC and that I originally started to use for the Rib & Cable Socks.  I liked how the yarn was knitting up then, so my fingers are crossed.

I think y'all are right; it's a sickness.  I'm not sure who, exactly, but it's very likely that one (or more) of these people was transmitting the bug that finally penetrated my immune system.  I'd been resistant to this strain for such a long time.  But now, I'm told, I may very well have been stricken with Sock Sickness.  There are still some tests to run before an official diagnosis can be made.  The results should be back in a couple of weeks.  They tell me it's incurable...  So far, my susceptibility to Spinning Syndrome has not been compromised, but I wonder if it's only a matter of time before I succumb.



Wow, very cool first socks, thats it, now you have the bug you will never get rid of it!


cables are girlie?? where do you get these ideas? first you are trying to make Miss Dashwood manly and now this!

I will say that pose is pretty damn girlie - almost the trip to the gyno position!!

gorgeous socks by the way.


Nice socks...and yep, you've got the fever! Aren't they cozy!


Woo Hoo Socks! You must be stricken to put socks on in this heat. Ignore what Ann said about the foot position - honestly, the way some people's minds work...


Hey, I remember that Lorna's. Beatiful for those socks. Guess what, heading back to NY in three weeks! Need anything :-)?


Yay first socks!!


Ah, Mountain Colors Bearfoot--yum. Congrats on your first socks!


The socks look great! I love that you've already started your next pair.


Socks! YEAH! You are powerless to resist.


Congrats! They are beautiful! :)


Congrats on those socks! I'm sure that you will enjoy wearing them every day! The weather sure is in your favor today.

They look great. Are you hooked on making socks now?


Great socks Vicki! Congratulations!

Teresa C

Oh, it's so good to be so sick! Great socks!


congratulations on your first socks! Aren't handknit socks just the best feeling things you ever put on your feet?! Yours look great!


Awesome! They look fantastic! Aren't handknit socks a hoot? Totally addicted now for sure.


The socks look great! Congratulations on your first of many pair, I'm sure. It's an addiction, but a good one.


Congratulations!!! They look lovely! I just finished my first socks too -- isn't it just a great feeling. Good obsession, I think :-)


awesome first socks...beware! They are addicting!!!


Congratulations! I just made my own first socks too....go to my blog and see! :) I am also now addicted to the sneaky little things.

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