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In the bag



I added a pocket on the inside of Ali's new bag -- just the right size to keep her cell phone handy.  She cut out the pieces and I did all the sewing.  I don't know why I always end up doing all the sewing for her!  Next time, she's doin' it!  She chose two florals from the selection of coordinating fabrics and they made an awfully cute bag.  I don't know if I've ever sewn a bag before, certainly never a lined one with a gusset and separate strap and using buckram.


I only knit one or two rounds on my sock last night before my tank went dry.  The weather turned hot and humid again yesterday and it left me feeling drained.

Looks like I'll be heading up north to Dad's with the girls this weekend -- either Friday night or Saturday morning.  This is the first opportunity all summer and, while we usually like more than a weekend (because it's such a long drive), we'll grab the chance!  At least one of my sisters and my brother will be there for a part of the weekend, too.  There are fiber opportunities along the way, so I'll be plotting my course for the rest of the week!  I'll also be heading up north again next week (in a more westerly direction), to another sister's and there are even more opportunities!




You can sew!? You got me there. Beautiful bag!


Up north? Oh my....have a wonderful time. I'll be thinking of you. :-) The bag is adorable. Good job!


That bag is so cute! It makes me want to actually stick my hands back into my mile-high backlog of sewing projects. My knitting is hogging all my time. Thank you for some inspiration!


what a great bag! it reminds me of Amy Butler's patterns & fabric!


That is really pretty. I love it!

Kim/Curlie Girl

Such a cute purse! Ali has great taste, and a great Mom for doing all that sewing for her!


LOVE the bag - the pattern is so cute! Do you all make it up or use an actual pattern? Great taste, Ali - the fabric is wonderful. YAY you for doing all the sewing!


The bag is very cute and I'd forgotten how gorgeous that mosaic table is!


OH MY GOD! That is too freakin' cute! I want one!


That's a great bag. I have not forgotten how gorgeous the mosaic table is. Still looking for plates to finish mine.


The bag is gorgeous - is there a pattern? I'd love to revive my sewing skills on a bag like this!

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