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My First Sock

Dsc05172I finished my first-ever knit sock on Saturday night.  I wore it and admired it for quite a while, considering the temperature, and then, of course, I saw a boo-boo.  Oh, not one, but TWO boo-boos, side-by-side!  I think you can see, if you click to make big, where I forgot to cross a cable on the leg -- and forgot the same on the neighboring cable.  Now that I know it's there, I can see it loud and clear on the in-progress picture I posted last week among the hens and chicks.  The good thing is that it really isn't all that visible on this dark, dark sock, because I'm not ripping to fix it.

I love it AND its flaws!  I have not yet cast on for #2 -- and I don't suppose I can count this among the FOs until I have a pair, so I'd better get crackin'.

I went to Jazzercise on Saturday morning for the first time since before I went to NYC.  That's a long time ago, people!  Between babies, trips, city council meetings and I don't remember what-all, a whole month has blown by!  So I went with my friend, both agreeing that it would be a great way to start the day, we'd be energized...  I guess I was a little, walking down to the farmer's market with DH when I got home (we had our first corn-on-the-cob of the season for supper!), but after that, whatever energy I had just fizzled.  I was moving forward all day/weekend, but not very fast!

C17fM*c was in town until early Saturday afternoon -- I'm glad y'all think he's as handsome as I do.  I can't believe he was 5 weeks old on Saturday!  My sister is so much more comfortable and confident.  Nice.



Its a beatuiful sock. And, if you hadn't pointed out that the lack of cable crossing wasn't planned, I would have thought it was part fo the design... just match it on the second sock!


Great job on the sock! Don't worry about the mistakes. In my experience, "normal" (defined as nonknitters) don't notice the level of detail in cables so they are not likely to ever notice cables that were not crossed or were crossed the wrong way.


I think those uncrossed cable parts are wonderful design features!

Mary Beth

Congrats on your first sock? What mistakes? Can't see 'em!


Congratulations on the sock! Who cares about the mistakes?
I'm glad you had a nice visit with Mack, too.


A very nice sock. The only mistake will be not making another one! You have some great baby pictures. We had our first corn of the season too.. Yum.


Congratulations! While you were finishing your first sock, I was finishing my first adult-sized sock (I made some toe-up socks for my son several months ago, but it wasn't the same as this). I'm on the gusset decreases for sock #2 right now.

Way to go!


How did you make it look so beautiful? My heel turns and gussets are never that pretty. Way to go, Vicki.


great job on your first sock! you will have to remember not to cross those cables on the second sock and then you can say it is a new design!


YAY! It's beautiful! The fit looks great. Who cares about the cables - I too, would've thought it was a design element. And now it can be - just repeat it on the second. You HAVE to cast on - even if you do only a couple of rows. DO IT! Right NOW!

L, C

Kim/Curlie Girl

Beautiful sock! Looks warm and cozy. As for the little boo-boo or two, just consider that a marker for your sock...now you know which one goes on the right foot..hehe!


It looks perfect...truly perfect for a first sock. Every one you make will be better and the process becomes easier and more enjoyable, too. I took a two mile hike (straight up) and also worked out with my trainer. I think it's time for a nap;-)


Yes, fabulous sock! And just make the 2nd one to match and it's a design element. Love it!


What a fabulous first sock! I didn't see any mistakes!


i'm making those same socks and realised that all my cable crossovers were at varying lengths (some after 6 rows, some after 7, 8 or 9). but in my experience, no one but you will ever look close enough to notice. it's the gestalt that matters, and these are gorgeous.

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