Johnny, jump up!
Got Pepper?

A day without Margene... really weird!  Does anyone else feel a little off-kilter this morning because Margene is off galavanting around Utah instead of posting to her blog?  Where's my daily zen?  She's usually #1 on my list because she so dependably has a fresh post every morning!  Have fun, grrl, you deserve it!

I was unexpectedly released from work early yesterday (because I'll be staying late today and tomorrow), so stopped by my LYS -- Jane's Knitting Hutch (update 8/06: now known as Iris Fine Yarns) is the shop I've been talking up this week.  Turns out I needn't have rushed -- the new owner has posted her hours and will be open 'til 8 on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.  That is great news!  Darn it, though, I forgot to ask whether there will eventually be a name change.

I found an extra ball of Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere in my color (RED) and dye lot for Tivoli.  I originally purchased this yarn at the shop's inventory reduction sale, without a project in mind, and thought I bought all there was; alas, I spotted a half dozen balls on the shelf when we stopped in on Saturday, but I didn't know the lot number then.  I didn't have my cell phone (still not used to having one) and Mom's was in the car, so I just figured I had a good reason to return...  That little ball of yarn would have been lonely in the bag all by itself, so I bought some Mountain Colors Bearfoot -- the yarn specified for the Rib & Cable Socks.  I haven't ripped the Lorna's version yet, but soon...

Williamsro elbowed in on Tivoli Day yesterday.  I cannot just knit every row (stockinette in the round) -- problems with such repetitive motion -- so I spiced it up by restarting a Williamsro sleeve.  I'll need it to test the ebay Blossom that should be arriving any day.

The grrs have been so busy!  They've all made changes to their hairstyle, at their own hands or those of their sister(s) -- short, a little asymetrical, sassy and cute!  Almost makes me wanna...  Kt's been working a lot and personifying "friendship" for someone in need; Ai has also been working, as well as jumping through wedding hoops (not her own); and Mdd is preparing for a week at summer camp (she leaves Sunday).  I'll try to corral them for a photo soon.



I agree, I was a little lost without Margene too. Owen had his bus, I had a little free Margene. You think she could have preposted or something. The nerve. :) Can't wait to see a pic of the girls. I never would have let my sister touch my hair.


Wow, casa Knitorious sounds like a bustle of activity. It sounds like everyone is having fun though and that's the important part.
Way to go, finding the same dyelot. Never my luck.


Oh, I've been to Jane's Knitting Hutch! Love it. Too bad we don't often make it to Appleton.


I'm in Cedar City now and just got a big chuckle out of your post. I miss all you guys too when I can't blog. I'll make it up to you next week, K?


What great luck on the dye lot!


I'm so glad Jane's Knitting Hutch will be open later. It was open later on Thursdays I think, but I went one Thursday night and had to sit and wait, and then they couldn't make me change yadda yadda yadda!

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