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Happy Birthday x2


Happy Birthday to the Twins!  Here they are at 6 with shiny, new, matching Schwinns.  The bikes were refitted with banana seats and big handlebars a year or two later...

Easter3I noticed that not only do they have matching bikes in that photo, they having matching everything -- right down to the pigtails!  Being only a year and a half apart, we were even sometimes dressed as triplets and often in clothes that Mom made!  This polka-dot dress is one of those and one of my favorites of all time; I don't know whatever happened to any of them!  Don't you love how our hems are all evenly lined up?  The most amazing thing is that on the other side of Mom in that photo is our little brother -- and she still found time to sew...

It is pretty evident, just looking at them, that besides being fraternal, the twins are very different from each other -- just look at how they stand, the angle of the hats on their heads!  By the time they were in grade school, I don't think they had a single matching article of clothing (our baby sister, however, had many sets of three...).  By graduation, their paths and interests and circles of friends were so different that they were hardly thought of as sisters, much less twins.

When the four of us used to get together regularly for Sister Weekends, we'd play "Guess The Twins" with unsuspecting victims people at airports, shops, hotels, and restaurants.  No one would ever get it right!

I absolutely love them to pieces and cherish their differences.  Happy Birthday!



Happy Birthday!
Your picture reminds me of my past, too. Mom made four of us, yes four grrls, matching dresses for Easter each year. You all look marvelous! What a great memory for you and for me.


I love the matching dresses. Alas I had no sister to be dressed like, but I did have an older cousin. Often I'd have the same dress for years.


Great pictures! I love the polka dot dresses!


Hi, I am just a knitting stranger who wandered onto your blog from another blog and was delighted to see your post today. It reminded me of my growing up in the sixties with polka dot dresses my Mom made and it was fun to hear about your twin sisters. I have 2 yo identical twin daughters. And even though they are identical, they are also very different and we try to nurture their differences too. I only have three though...sounds like your Mom had a handful! :o)


My mom used to dress my sister and I in matching outfits a LOT! Unfortunately I was a worldly 2 years older and it always mortified me!
Once in a while, when my 10 y/o daughter gets a little uppity about clothing, I will threaten her with matching "mother-daughter" dresses. That calms her down pretty quickly! :)


My sister and I are only 18 months apart and are as different as night and day - but as close as two people can be. What I always find interesting is that (as much as I hate to admit it!) I'm a lot like her husband and G is A LOT like her. It's a little spooky sometimes, but what can you do?

Thanks for this post - as you know I'm having la familia issues today and I'm so happy to see some sister love!


Oh, What a sweet story Vicki!! Love the matching dresses too! (I'm hoping your brother is not in polka dots on the other side...lol!)


very cute Vicki ---- it looks like you (I assume that is you on the left) and the sister on the far right are more alike - something about the hat and expression ...


Happy Day! And fabulous pics!

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