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Dsc04785Rest assured, knitting will make an appearance on this blog again someday.  Norma wonders if she's not becoming a food blog (yum), I wonder about a garden blog.

I piped up a little too soon this spring about the foxglove.  How sad is it that I still have the marker in the ground -- like a little tombstone?

Dsc04787On a happier note, here's my Japanese fern -- another plant that has, in the past, caused me worry, but has been phenomenal the last few years.  I'm pleased.

Dsc04786And I'm over the moon about the hostas.  My appreciation and love for them continues to grow (and surprise me!).  I add one or two every year in various places -- I'll have to look up the varieties (the big ones at top left and right are Blue Angel) -- but these are all looking very well established!

Dsc04788I've never taken a picture of the back garden from this angle before -- it's from the top of the wall (about 5' tall).  You see daylilies, hosta, the bleeding heart(s), forget-me-nots, some garden phlox and the ghostly allium on the left which has nearly finished blooming.  I've never had a big problem with weeds here, thankfully.  When it was established, I surrounded all the plants with a few sheets of newsprint before covering the whole area with mulch.  It was kind of icky the first year or two if I wanted to plant something new, but it really did help with the long-term weed problem.  I didn't do that when I planted the front garden (where those hostas are), but I'm thinking that I should -- at least in some trouble areas.

I'm so excited about my upcoming visit to NYC that I can barely blog about it.  For me, right now, this is spontaneous.  I used to be really spontaneous, and it'll come again, but this will have to do for now.  I'm going to have a major guilt trip about running off and having FUN, but y'all remind me about Mdd getting to go to camp (with horses!) for an entire week (again!) next month, and Kt getting to study in the U.K. next year (for months!) (not to mention the 3-week Continental tour before arriving back in the States), and Ai who gets to do/does pretty much whatever she wants, whenever she wants -- it's just the way.

Ann, my fellow quitter and friend, will carve time out of an extremely busy family weekend to meet up with me and I'm thrilled.  Katy has sent me a list of hotels to consider and would like to meet up, too.  Cara has been invaluable!  We spoke on the phone last night and, I've got to say, people, that the more I get to know her, the more I love her.  Late last week, her Sheep & Wool cards arrived in my mailbox, along with some extras -- they are exquisite and definitely suitable for framing.  Anywho, thank you so much for all your help, advice, and ideas, Cara.  I can't wait to meet you all -- and MORE!!



Your garden looks lovely. How exciting to have a trip to NYC!


That Cara, she TOTALLY rocks. You'll love meeting this woman.


I am so excited about meeting all you great bloggers that I may need to wear a Depends Undergarment!


When are you going to NYC? I want to take the train in and say hi!


Ann cracks me up! So funny. I'll be sure to have my rain shoes on Ann!

Don't thank me yet - wait to see if the dh gets the job done!



Your garden is gorgeous! I wish hostas would grow here. Central Texas is just too hot and dry. Have a blast in NY.


NYC sounds like so much fun! I know you'll have a great time.

Love the hosta pics. I keep forgetting to plant any, but I always adore seeing them


What a beautiful garden! I have never heard of the newspaper trick before. I'll have to remember that.


Can I have a garden tour some day? Just beautiful, Vicki! I, too, am a hosta hoarder. I tried sunny borders for years as the trees grew bigger and bigger. With gardens partly to mostly shade, hostas have become my friends. And quite reliable friends, at that!


Oh, love the gardens. Used packing boxes in part of my garden - will keep the newspaper idea in mind. I was worried about the ink but looks like no prob. Did you update your banner? It looks great. How did you do that? Okay, have fun in NYC - it's fun to recapture your wings after child raising. A bit rusty, but guess what, they still work!

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