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Stitchless in Wisconsin

After declaring that I wasn't going to spend very much time doing computer junk* last night, I spent all night doing computer junk.  I watched two minutes of the local news while thinking about pulling out the knitting, then went to bed and read Knitting.  I'm such a slow reader these days, but I'm enjoying the book so far.

Dsc04358This is for Cara.  She wanted to see the whole garden!  This is a big part of the back/lower garden -- kind of looks Old World-ish with all that stone.  Our big ol' house is perched at the edge of a ravine and this really is "lower" -- the window you see is a basement window and there's a door a ways off on the right.  The bleeding heart from yesterday is in front of the tree trunk.  The little tufts of green on this side of the path are forget-me-nots, and carpeting the foreground is a lot of dianthus.  Also in this garden are astilbe, yarrow, lilies, delphinium, sedum, columbine, hydrangea, chives, hosta, and four or five things that I can "see" but not name.

Serious brilliance right here.  Oh my goodness, the laughter and tears!  Oscar-worthy, no?  I've advised Jen to start composing her acceptance speech.

*I have been made aware and have scanned, blasted and cleaned all the crap, pop-up, redirect, spy and/or ad junk that I can and my cable internet is still so slow that, in a fit of frustration (when I'd formerly have gone outside and smoked an entire cigarette in 20 seconds, just blowin' off steam) I took it out on my mouse.  I left-clicked so many times, my finger was twitchin' kind of like you've pictured the Harlot's eyebrow -- uncontrollable.  When that didn't work (ya think?), I picked it up and slammed it down on its pad.  Hard.  More than once.  A couple-few times.  It's okay; do you think they take this behavior into consideration in the design phase?  DH (totally too trusting and not computer savvy) admitted to clicking on some things that he probably shouldn't have.  Bottom line:  major back-up and restore operations planned for the weekend, and more big warning notes scrawled and tacked up on the monitor.



Thank you for the picture! I'll expect monthly updates to see the blooms!

Something to think about computer wise - how many programs are running in your start-up? My bil used to have something like 100 programs that started up as soon as he turned on the computer - it would take fifteen minutes to boot up. (If you already know all this - sorry!) Cleaning out the start-up will make things MUCH faster.

Have a great day! (That Jen is amazing, no?)


Ick, ick ick. There are some nasties out there. And, (I've heard) for some, backup-wipe-reinstall is the only way to clean 'em entirely. Good luck!

General Ginger

Delightful garden. I do hope you'll share more of it with us throughout the summer.


I've been in computer hell before, too and it sucks! I did find some relief with using Trendmicro's Pc housecall - it at least let me know what I was fighting. Eventually I bought a new laptop and have major Norton surveiling the internetsphere - and Every other precaution I can think of -especially no one but ME touches my computer!!! Good luck and I hope it clears up for ya!


Good for you, all mouse slamming and no cigarette puffing. How hard I'm sure it was.

I too am having very slow cable hook-up. I think it's a conspiracy!LOL


If you haven't tried Firefox ( ) you don't know what you're missing .. um, I mean ... what you ARE missing! I can't say enough good things about it, been using it for months. Say goodbye to IE and you won't be sorry.

Kim/Curlie Girl

Your garden is amazing...very old-worldish indeed, and very serene! Sorry to here about your computer frustrating. Keep at it!


Sometimes I just shut my eyes and click the crap out of all the rubbish that comes up. I take great delight in the "delete and never darken my doorstep again button"!


I bet your garden is so pretty in the summer!

You may consider using norton's firewall protection. I had some real problems with adware a year or so ago and it has made a huge difference. Good luck........those darn adware viruses are such a royal pain!

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