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...warm woolen mittens

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Goldie9Last Thursday, I posted a picture of this sweater with a book tucked inside its yet-to-be-knit collar -- remember?  (I've made a little progress on that book, by the way, and I like it.  More later.)  Later that day, Dixie, from Yellow Dog Knitting in Eau Claire, sent me the "exact same picture," except there was a bag of Starburst in place of the book.  She had a customer knitting the same pattern in the same color (very similar, at least) and at the same point in the knitting.  It's finished!  Take a peek at Jane's sweater.  Jane used two strands of a cotton blend, much closer to what was written in the pattern; I've knit both of mine with one strand of chunky wool or wool blend.

I sent the finished sweater link to Kt yesterday, since Goldie is actually for her rather than Ai now, and this is her reply:

That sweater looks really nice -- I'm excited for yours! I like the color of it a lot. Maybe I'll still be able to wear it a little bit before it gets too warm! Can never have too many sweaters/sweatshirts. I always feel like I have millions, but it's never enough! I'm a layerer. Haha.

"Can never have too many sweaters... it's never enough!"

That's my girl.  (There's something ominous about that "Haha," though.)  I finally finished the collar last night and wove in more ends.  Someone was complaining about balls with short yardage yesterday -- I don't remember who -- but I'd like to join the chorus!  What a pain in the butt this is.  It would be different if I was knitting something like Short Rows -- Cara it's wonderful! -- and knew right off that bat that ends would be an issue.  /Okay, I'm done.  I'd rather be sewing in sleeves.  Oh, I just reminded myself of even MORE ends...

I want to cast on a bootie this morning because I have to sit through two oil changes today.  As I was finishing up the second of the DB pair on Sunday, it occurred to me that what I should have done -- what I wanted to do -- was cast on and start a small and very portable baby bootie and have it for take-along knitting.  I get so excited, though, that I guess I forget to stop and blaze right through to the finish... they're so quick and cute!

Thanks to everyone for participating in my Peep Poll.  There were 128 votes in all, and here are the results according to Pollhost:

60 votes (47%) for rectangular
44 votes (34%) for large oval
23 votes (23%) for small oval
1 vote (1) for oops, try again (i.e., none of the above)

It's interesting because the rectangular pair was the hands-down favorite of my mom and stepdad, and the pair I would have ordered without any other input.  I do believe I'll still be ordering them, but because of comments resulting from the poll, I'll check to see if they are available in a slightly smaller size.  It's hard enough to made a determination about what looks good, but nearly impossible when you're trying to decide with your nose two inches from the mirror and with stickers all over the smudged lenses you're trying to see through!  So, yeah, thanks a bunch you guys!



Ooh, that sweater is hot! How exciting! :)

You quoting my email was the best thing ever! I laughed ;D

Kim/Curlie Girl

I second that...you can never have too many sweaters (or yarn)! LOL!

I voted for the rectangular frames, they look so good on you, and very chic!


~blushing~ You're too kind! I'll be ripping out some more today! ;-)

Goldie looks great - I'm sure Katie will love it and it will look very nice on her.

Yay for rectangles!


Love the collar on the Goldie! It looks so comfy! Well done!

Dixie Yellow Dog

Hi V!
Jane's sweater will soon be off to New York City! She made it for her DD Megan. Megan told her to get started on two more because she will have this one wore out in about three months because she is never taking it off! Now that just makes me think I need to make one!


The size is fine. I vote for the rectangular. You're very brave to post pictures of yourself. I won't let anyone take any of me!

General Ginger

Another truly lovely sweater. You're such an inspiration to me. In fact, I ordered some yarn from the Webs sale for my very own St. Brigid. I've drooled over yours on the monitor so many times that I've got to have the windex near by. :) Glad we could help you with the glasses decision.


I love that collar and the yarn looks so soft and cozy! Well done!
So many lovely sweaters out in blog land these days! It's almost enough to tempt me away from shawls... almost! :)

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