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Inspired by these pictures from Yvette which recently arrived in my mailbox, I started seaming Opptuna while waiting for the yams to boil (and finished after consuming some candied).  I forgot what color she used, but I love it -- nice and bright and red!  Maybe she'll enlighten us in the comments...  (Cute shoes, too, huh?  Birkies, she tells me.)

Opptunafini Swatch

They're just adorable!  I put details and a pic in the FO album.  Yvette knit hers in the one year size, while mine is somewhere around six months.

It's April!  In nine days I'll be taking classes at the Spring Midwest Masters!  I'm attending four classes and had homework to do for one, so that's what I did last night.  I love the spring-colored yarn!  I also made a list of all the things I'll need to bring with me -- I think I'll need another circ needle or two.  I feel better now and can resume with Goldie tonight.

I think Mdd felt inspired by the spring colors, too.  She has figured out that even if I started today, none of the sweater she's expressed interest in over the past several weeks would be able to be worn 'til next fall.  So, she's thinking summery.  I pointed out the stack of magazines and/or books that she could peruse for pattern ideas.

I had a nice outing with my mom yesterday afternoon.  We had lunch (artichoke & red pepper quiche, m-m-good), did a little shopping and a lot of browsing.  Lots of bright green, orange and pink on the floors for spring!!

Mom, of course, is one of the people most happy about my quitting smoking and she has been encouraging and supportive -- in the way moms are.  Yesterday, there was mention of Peter Jennings, a recently passed smoking ban ordinance in an area community, and my complexion.  She mentioned my complexion last weekend, too.  "How are you doing [in regard to not smoking]?  Well, your complexion looks better!"  I laughed about this with my sister (no one in her family has commented on her complexion) -- this is one of our mother's highest compliments and, to her, improving your complexion is reason enough for doing anything!  To be honest, I had dared to think, after a few quitzits came and went, that my skin looked better, too.  According to mom, my skin always had a gray cast, but now I'm back in the pink!  (I bought new blush yesterday, too.)  What do you think, Ann?  Are you (or anyone in your family) noticing anything or is this just mother-talk?

(Finally posted!!  Typepad was nearly giving me fits this morning.)



Oh the Opptunas look soo cute, mine is colour no 84, there was no 37 left, I wanted it as I knitted my Butterfly in 37 and love it.

General Ginger

Quitting smoking is the pits on your waistline but they tell me I'll last longer. One day at a time is all that it takes.


what a two fer! so cute!


Yes! Complexions DO look better! I'm on day 10 of no smoking (told you..you inspired me to quit too!!) And what is this stuff I'm breathing?!!!!! Oxygen?!!!! Woo-Hoo!!
Have fun at the Masters!! The Opptuna is GORGEOUS!!!


Wow! Both Opptuna's look great! Love those Noro colors!


Oh, they are TWO cute!


I love both Opputunas, though I have a soft spot for 37 because I love that color of Noro, too. My Opptuna is the largest size, and it's on hold until I finish Audrey. Yes, Opptuna is a much more satisfying knit than Audrey!


They are both really cute! You are doing wonderful with your quit! (high five) ;)


I love Opptuna..... Glad to hear your quit is going well. I just celebrated my 3 years anniversary on April 4th. Keep adding up those days.


Those are two very cute sweaters! The classes look like a ton of fun. Be sure and give us a review when you finish.


Now that I've got a baby boy to knit for - I think Opptuna will be perfect. Yours certainly is!

You are KICKING ASS with the no-smoking! WAY TO GO!


Way to go! Soooo proud of you! 3 weeks!!! Those are the hardest ones, I promise.


Your sweaters are great! Not smoking is even greater! Keep it up! I am 8 months now not smoking myself!

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