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Locks2Yvette sent me some amazing pictures of her son, Jordan, with an email a couple of weeks ago, and they've allowed me the privilege of sharing them with you.  She wrote:

"A few months ago Jordan started asking to have his hair cut, he has been growing it for 2 years. He was a bit fed up with the negative attention it brings, especially at school. I was a bit concerned he was having it cut for the wrong reasons, and would regret it.  He loves having long hair and it is sooooo blonde, we discussed the reasons for having it cut and the good things that could come from having your hair all cut off, i.e. Locks of Love. So after much deliberation, on my part, today we cut off 10 inches of hair, in 15 sections."

Locks1Locks3I don't know about you, but I've got goosebumps.  What a terrific thing to do, and I don't think Jordan could be more handsome!  A true prince.  Way to go!

Sassy Katy made a donation recently.  Beth will soon have a date with the scissors, too.  She could use a dollar and, for your trouble, she's offering up incentive; the money raised will be donated to offset the cost of having donated hair made into a wig.

Today is the last day to cast your vote on the Peep Poll!  I've so enjoyed your comments.  It's so funny, too, looking at the "eye" pictures that I have on my computer -- I see my sisters' eyes in my own, even my mom's and dad's and brother's!  Very interesting...



Good for you Jordan!


Wow I don't think I'd have the guts to chop that hair it looked so good. Way to go though!


Well, for the record, Jordan looks great with long or short hair and good for him for doing the Lock of Love thing. I wish I'd have known about it when I was in grad school and cut a lot off -- mind you I grew it back and did a donation a few years ago. I'm currently growing it really long again and planning on another donation!

And hey, to heck with any kids giving him crap about having long hair. They'll be green with envy when they're in high school and his restored long hair will get him all the chicks! :-)


Wow! His hair is and was gorgeous. What a wonderful thing for him to do.


I've been trying to get back to you (work is the pits the last two days!)...we do have much in common.
Now, I think you had better do what you can to break up the fight between Ann and's just getting out of hand. Oh, and do YOU have toe bumps like me?


What a generous act! I've got to say though - I like the short hair better. (Of course, my husband shaves his head and I have short hair myself.)


What a gorgeous boy. He is a true prince! It is such a fabulous cause. I look forward to doing it again!


What a cool kid! And he looks great with long or short hair. I'd better not let my girls get a glimpse of him or they'll be asking for his IM addy.


Thanks again for the publicity. People are visiting, and this time, they're actually giving me money! How cool is that? I'm almost to $700, and I've got 17 days left until the Big Chop. Keep rooting for me; I couldn't do it without you. Thanks so much.

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