Stop kicking me!
For the record



Ack! At first... alarming. At last... awe inspiring. :)


YAY! That's wonderful! I just need to have some split ends trimmed and then should have some locks to donate in a few more months, too. Woohoo!


wow! what a great idea. it looked startling at first. how do you feel?


Good for you!


All I can say is Wow! That's great. And some lucky person out there is going to love it.


That's a massive amount of hair. More pictures!


Aww. My daughter did that a few years ago. That's such a wonderful thing to do. Were you growing it out for that purpose?


My daughter is cutting her hair in for Locks of Love as well. A bunch of the Rainbow Girls in our state are growing out their hair and will all be cutting it off at their Grand Assembly (state convention) in March. The locks of Love folks will be setting up a booth to do a mass haircutting!

I'll be showing my daughter your picture!


Holy cow! That'd be a "big gulp, deep breath" moment! Is it your daughter's? That's a wonderful gesture.


I'm growing mine out to do the same. I don't have 14 inches yet I don't think, but close. I think it'll be going after the winter, and I'm cutting it short short; I'll keep you posted.


Wow! What an incredible gesture!


That's quite a gift of love.

Lynne S

Oh my! That lovely red hair shorn! How much is left? But I see it is for a good cause :-)


Congrats and desperately jealous! Why won't my hair grow? It's been three years! I want to donate mine too.


you're such a tease! where are the pictures of the new do?


Vicki! Who did it belong to? And what does she look like now? Excellant's amazing what we can live without when we recognize how much we have!

Curlie Girl/Kim

OH MY GOSH! A shiver ran down my spine when the picture downloaded! Is that your beautiful hair? What a wonderful donation you're or someone you know is making!


Man, I have always wanted to chop off a ponytail. How awesome. Big difference I bet!

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