Are you sleeping?

Let me hear ya!

My sweet little Ali knows how to make her mother happy.  She came home from school yesterday and tossed two pieces of sheet music under my nose and said, "They're solos."  She'll be performing them at the solo and ensemble competition in about a month.  One is a song from Les Miserables (I don't remember the name) and the other is a song in French.  Some sort of theme?  Happy, happy, happy me!

My dental ordeal is over.  The permanent crown feels great and my choppers are clean and polished.  She did a full mouth x-ray and other than a possible touch of arthritis in my left jaw, everything looked fine.

I knit one round on Natalya last night and then realized that I'll probably be able to work on it at work today, so pulled out St. Brigid instead.  I'm closing in on the sixth repeat and a quick hold-up-and-comparison of the length to the sweater I was wearing tells me that I'll be doing a seventh.  I'll do more precise calculations very soon. I don't think it's unreasonable to think that I could have this piece off the needles this weekend.  That would leave one more piece just like it, sleeve saddles and collar to go!  It's still going to be a while, but I'm catching a glimpse of an FO at the end of the tunnel.

We'll be looking at February next week!  Have a great weekend everybody.



Awesome about Ali's solos! That is wonderful. I would be absolutely thrilled by that as well. You are SO CLOSE to finishing St. Brigid. I am jealous. I cannot wait to see yours all put together. That's going to be huge motivation. Somehow, I seem to find other things to do. I'm such a procrastinator. I do enjoy working on it but since the finish line is so far off, I keep pushing it to the bottom of the pile.


What a wonderful surprise with the solos. (I'm guessing the Les Mis one is On My Own? Or Castle on a Cloud?) Also good to hear your dental work is done...

Isn't it great to see that first glimpse of light?

Mary Beth

Congrats to Ali and Ali's Mom - have a great weekend!


Wow, two solos! That's fantastic. Glad the teeth are back to normal. You've got a least six months reprieve, right?


I remember the solo & ensemble days with pleasure. Enjoy. Arthritis in the there anyplace on the body that's safe!!


Congrats, to Ali and her Mom. I can't believe next week is February!


Congrats on the solos!!


I just had a crown last week too....Fun,fun,fun. You must be a proud Mom for sure. Have a great weekend.

Teresa C

Hooray for Ali! I would love to hear more. My daughters are singers, the oldest does mostly musical theatre and choral stuff, the middle one plans on majoring in classical voice heading to opera performance. She is junior this year. Funny, I was just thinking this morning of one of my favorite days for them, when Meg was freshman and Gillian a senior. At the all-state auditions in our state they tied for the top soprano score. Gillian had never prepared properly for it in the previous years, but the idea of her sister making it and her not, well, that spurred her on. Since then Meagan has earned the top score every year. To top it off she is so not a diva type. She is one of the nicest young women you would ever meet, and modest. I always feel so good when in the compliments I hear about her the thing everyone always adds is what a nice and generous person she is as well. That always meand the most to me. How old is Ali? And what is that French piece? Enquiring minds and all......


wow! hurray for Ali! I love the les mis soundtrack. and yea for st. brigid knitting. show us some pics. i have yet to get past the 3rd of these days.


Vicki... You're it! See my blog for details!

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