For the record
Okey dokey, how 'bout some knitting

If a person has two left feet...

...might they have two right hands?  If only that were true, the little knitting that was accomplished at Chez Knitorious over the weekend might have been worth keeping.  Instead, after discovering (half-way through the thumb gusset) that I was making a second right-hand mitten, it was recovery mode knitting.  Had it not been for the frogging, I might soon have a finished mitten.  In a pathetic and pitiful attempt at defense, I'm just going to say that there has been very little difference between left and right in any of the other mittens I've made so far.  I'm thinking (hoping) that it's one of those make it once and you'll never forget again mistakes.

ScampDuncan1Scamp and Duncan were nearby as I took down the tree on Saturday afternoon.  The new toilet came in two great new boxes with cut-out handles that I decided to use for holiday decor, so the box that Scamp found so comfy is not really needed anymore.  There are a few things under all the tissue that I still need to rescue -- like the preschool "Angel Ai" gift where her "wings" are her handprints in gold paint and her picture is pasted atop a gold paper "dress," and it's the funniest and sweetest thing ever because she has the most sour grapes look on her face!  Duncan was curled up on the skirt, right under the tree, the whole time.  I found a fair number of cat toys ornaments rolling around on the floor behind the tree, but all were intact.

I continue to be absolutely astounded at how well Duncan has been accepted into our family -- especially by the other cats.  Scamp's "spot" is atop my wingback recliner* in the living room.  He was perched up there last night watching while I was trying to discourage Duncan from using my chair as a scratching post.  Smart little kitty that he is, he went 'round back where my foot couldn't reach and I heard him claw his way all the way up -- right next to Scamp!  There was barely a reaction.

*Once upon a time, several years ago, DH went out of town on business for a few weeks.  I don't think he'd even made it to the corner before I embarked on a sudden mission to clean and rearrange the living room.  I had a wingback recliner then, too, that DH had given me for Christmas some years before.  That's where I'd sit while nursing Mdd, and 4-year-old Ai would use the wing as leverage to swing in and say, "Hi," eventually crippling the wing.  DH "fixed" the gimpy wing by driving in two long, black screws -- right into the side of a chair with very light-colored upholstery.  The chair had other problems, too, having to do with toddlers, grape juice, Silly Putty...  It took me a split-second to decide that if I was going to move it at all, the only place for it was the curb.  In a heartbeat, I was on my way to a nearby furniture outlet where I bought a new recliner.  In an "I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar" moment, I also bought a second chair.  And an oak entertainment center.  And I could not wait a day or two for delivery -- no adrenalitis here -- so arranged a truck from work to go pick it up and bring it over.  When it arrived at my doorstep, the roar turned into a "What have I done?  What got into me?" wimper and the realization that it was too late to turn back and I'd have to tell DH that I not only bought a chair without even giving him a clue, but two other pieces of furniture besides.  Even at an outlet center, three pieces of fabulously priced furniture does not equal chump change!  I did not fear DH or his reaction, and I did not incur debt, but had never done anything quite like that before and was rather embarrassed to have to admit that I'd gone off like a loose cannon.  Okay, sorry; I'm foaming at the fingertips.  I guess there should be a moral to this story.  Hm, quite a few, but chief is that this was like being high -- and that recliner, so enjoyed by members of my household, serves as a daily reminder of how quickly I can be swept away, almost unaware.



Nothing wrong with being swept away - it's good for you! And clearly your instincts were right on. As far as the right and left thing on the mittens, can't help you there, I can't tell my left from right to save my life. Hope it works out!


Oddly enough, I had a dream about silly putty last night. So, I don't think it's a coincidence that I've found your blog.

It's definitely a sign.

I was meant to find your blog ;)

Visit me sometime.


Oh how I love to be swept away on a shopping moment, its good to let it happen sometimes.
(my DH kept on bursting my bubble when I was home, but I still had 38kg of excess baggage, oops)
Duncan looks like a real cutie, its good your other animals like him.


Why do cats love empty boxes but absolutely refuse to sleep in comfy, padded kitty beds that have taken days to make? Okay, don't answer that.


I love that line "foaming at the fingertips". What a great description!


two year ago when my Boar was out of the house for a week, I bought another dog! He had just pulled out of the driveway when I called about an ad for pug puppies!

nothing wrong with that, I say!

Mary in Boston

And I thought there was something wrong with me, because I used to do that too, when my husband would leave for business trips...serious house reorganization and decorating...

but if you fine ladies do it, then it must be normal!!! Heh.

Had to laugh at the cat in the box, my tiger cat does that too, especially if there are foam peanuts in it...

And also, he loves the clean mateless socks in the sock basket...silly kitty.


Love the kitty pictures. Your daughter's haircut is awesome.It really brings out her features. I have cut hair for Locks of Love three times at the shop. It is such an incredible gift. She is going to make someone very happy with those leftover tresses.

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