It fits like a mitten!
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Tanguy1Isn't it the cutest thing?  It still needs a tassel, and I think that's going to really make this hat.  I do believe his will fit a newborn, and I think I'll make another in the toddler size and switch up the colors.

NorthstarrippedAfter getting the hat off the needles, I pulled out the offending RH mitten and ripped away -- first the thumb, then the hand.  It wasn't as difficult as I feared.  Today I'll get it back on the needles, figure out where I am, and carry on.  I've got more than half a mitten to do, but considering everything, I feel like I'm on the home stretch!  I'd like to finish these by Sunday so Katie can take them back to school with her.  After having her home for a month, it will be weird when she leaves.

Kate helped DH put boards up on the ceiling yesterday before she had to go to work.  They did about half of what needed to be done, and I'll help DH finish it off today.  The last board might be a little futzy, but that's King Futz & Putz's department.

Question.  I've seen this come up now and then over the past few months, but 'til now I really haven't had a problem.  Now, my bandwidth usage is soaring.  I have read the recommendations to rename picture files now and then; I haven't tried that yet, but think it means that I'll have to reinsert the picture file with the new name in the post.  Am I right?  That sounds time-consuming.  What do y'all do?



I love your conehead hat! How adorable. Have a great day!


Cute, cute, cute! What a great hat. Good luck with mitten #2.


For the bandwidth problem, I watched my usage statistics and checked up when someone was only referencing an image - the referrer looks something like images/imgres. I would click on those referrers, and I figured out that mostly people were linking to old photos from the archives from a year ago or so. I started by deleting the files, renaming and re-uploading them. Didn't work - the bandwidth theives just changed their links. So after a while, I just started deleting the old pictures from the blog. At first, I edited the post so it still made sense without the picture. Then I just left the broken link, hoping that people would get the message. After this, the bandwidth dropped. Also, I would try renaming your buttons - apparently people often link to buttons. It's a real pain - I wish you the best of luck! Oh, and great hat!


You can also block IP addresses. I'm not sure how typepad handles it but I'm sure their support forums would have something.

One possible way to prevent people from even finding your images by random internet searches is to block the Google Images url. I haven't tried this yet but I'm thinking about it too.


Wow. One terrific hat! Can't wait to see the toddler version.


Too cute!!!


I just had to laugh when I saw your conehead hat! It is so adorable!

Curlie Girl/Kim

Oh, I read your blog wrong yesterday, I thought you were talking about your RH mitten and blocking meant you didn't have to rip. Oh no, oh no, my dear! You are a brave woman for ripping the RH mitten back and re-knitting. My response may have involved a tantrum and the RH mitten ending up at the bottom of the basket never to see the light of day again! Kudos to you!


Host your images on one of the free servers. I use ImageShack. Saves on drive space, too.


That hat is absolutely adorble I can't wait to see it on a little buns head!

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