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Treeskirt_1For a few years, I went on a weekend cross-stitch retreat at a B&B about an hour from home.  It always happened to be right around my birthday.  One year there was a Christmas theme and among the projects was this tree skirt.  The burlap skirt was pre-made and features three different Santa designs.

Santa_1Perenoel_1 StnickIt was fun to do, and quick!  I love Pere Noel's tree; in the favorites department, it's a toss-up between his jacket at St. Nick's.  The retreat was put on by two sisters, one of whom had once owned a shop.  The B&B owners got a rare weekend off as we all moved in.  The food was always marvelous, the setting divine, and projects wonderful.  One of the sisters passed away a few years ago after a long illness; I feel privileged to have known her and to have stitched some of their designs.

PinkmittsPinkcuffHere are Mdd's pink mitts.  I absolutely love the cabled cuff -- especially in pink.  Very feminine, no?  I seamed the gray Cascade mitts, and that's all the knitting news. I was feeling a bit off yesterday, so went to bed early.

Decorating the tree took away from some of my time otherwise spent knitting last night, too.  There are a few things to do yet -- prisms and icicles and maybe bead garland.  None of Kt's ornaments are up yet, either.  One casualty (my fault) -- an old blue glass ornament that was Grandma K's -- darn it.

Don't you think Martha's slippers (see yesterday) would make a good gag gift.  Even Mdd agreed that they look kinda comfy.  I'm glad y'all had a good chortle.

I had an email from my sister this morning (she's the one who sent me the slipper idea, and she's crafty).  She is making their Christmas cards -- she's made all her cards for years and would be hard-pressed to say when she last lined Hallmark's pockets.  This year, apparently, the card has something molded and something embossed.  She said that her mold shattered in the microwave yesterday, and she's lucky it didn't shatter the oven's glass door!  Then she burned out her embossing gun, holding it too close to the card.  She tried the "old-fashioned way" by holding the card over the toaster, but burned that out, too.  Last effort was using the stove, but the card got scorched (apparently, a glass-top doesn't work so well.)

I'm happy to be counted among the wackos, are you?



I love the tree skirt. It makes me tempted to pull out my cross stitch supplies. (Which haven't seen the light of day since I started knitting).


Nice tree skirt ~ I hope to piece one, eventually, but with 4-mo-old kittens we are just using the 3' fake one this year. And I LOVE the mittens! I've just started some as the last of the gifties, and am tempted to go back and cable the cuff ~


Your tree skirt is gorgeous!!!!! My friend did one called "Old World Santa's". Would love to do that one for my girls some day. I love the holidays with all the smells, bells, and glitter, don't you?


I just love that cabled cuff! I want to do a cuff like that on my next set. Did you make the pattern up yourself or was it from a commercial pattern? In other words, where can I buy it?

The tree skirt is lovely as well. I don't even have a tree skirt, I use an old white flannel sheet because I'm having a hard time committing to a skirt. How wonderful it is that you made that!


The tree skirt is fabulous. I love cross stitching Christmas things.


Your tree skirt and the cable cuff mitts are great, I love the pink. And count me in I am definitely among the wackos and surrounded by people who will not be getting "hand made" gifts for christmas.

Mary Beth

Tree skirt - lovely, mittens - divine!! I have to make my Maddy a pink pair! Love the cuff - so clever and pretty.


Okay, can I just say "ditto" to what Mary Beth said? I love the tree skirt, but most of all I love the idea of a weekend retreat at a B&B~ sounds wonderful!

Love the mittens.


Love those pink mitts. Gorgeous. Your thrums are perfection.


I love your pink mittens! So soft and feminine :-). Very pretty!!


Those are adorable mittens. They look very warm and cozy!

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