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I showed the lovely alpaca prize that I won from Lynne the other day.  All I had to do was leave a comment about what I was thankful for.  This is what I wrote:

I am thankful that as of Thanksgiving weekend, when my sister comes to visit, I won't have to keep my trap shut anymore! I can keep a secret along with the best, but there's good news to share that's not my own and it's killing me to keep quiet. Mum's the word, though, so that may not count. I am ultra thankful for three healthy, independent, kind, considerate, talented, and loving daughters.

And now, Thanksgiving weekend, and I don't have to keep my trap shut!  What was I holding in (for weeks and weeks)?

My baby sister is going to have a BABY of her own!

It is a long-awaited, much yearned for event.  My mother is over the moon!  The baby is due in early June.

Guess what that soft, baby blue, alpaca prize yarn will become?

My family history research has been idling of late, but this is the kind of stuff a genealogist loves!  My sister will be 40 in a couple of months, and has two stepsons -- one is a sophomore in college and the other a junior in high school -- she, and all of her siblings, could be grandparents (and our knuckles are raw from knocking on wood about that) -- and here she is, having a baby.  The scenarios for the future are delectable!  The boys' kids could have an aunt/uncle that's only a few years older than them, and it's when these generational shifts happen that all that "removed" business really comes into play, as in "she's my second cousin, twice removed."

There will be baby stuff to knit!  But first, there's some shopping to be done...



Congratulations on becoming a Auntie----please give my best wishes to your sister. This is an exciting time for everyone. Now you can start knitting the ABC blanket!:) Have a good time shopping!


Wow! Congratulations on going to be a soon to be Aunt!!! Thats wonderful. Hope you had a great holiday!!!


Congratulations on going to be an Auntie, my brother and his wife just had their first baby and I was soooo thrilled to have a baby to knit for, happy shopping!!


Vicki, that's so cool! What an exciting time for all of you...I can't think of anything better than smooching with a new baby. I can't wait to see what you knit!


Very good news for you! And a lucky baby, wrapped in luscious alpaca! I once did a family tree in calligraphy for someone who was going to frame it and give it as a shower gift for their latest family arrival. Good luck with the geneology. No luck required for the baby knitting!


Awww. That is fabulous news! Congratulations to the parents-to-be and the newest Auntie on the block! Baby knitting is soooo much fun! Good job on keeping the news a secret! I'm the worst at keeping good news to myself!


Congrats! How fabulous and FUN!


Congratulations Auntie!!! My uncle and I are only 20 months apart. I'm 20 and he's going to turn 19 on Jan 4th. My Grandma was young when I was born though, only 34 and my mom was only 17.

Mary Beth

How exciting! Hope mom is feeling fine!

Curlie Girl/Kim

Congradulations! What wonderful news, and you get to share it with your family at Thanksgiving! Very fitting! I bet you're a wonderful Aunt, and that baby is going to be spoiled rotten with knitted goodies!


Congratulations! I just spent the weekend with my nephew and niece - two of my favorite people. Since I'm not a mother (yet) I can say without hesitation there is nothing better in the world than being an Aunt! I love those babies as if they were my own. And I have another one coming. My sister is due with her third in the Spring and I'm still trying to find that perfect baby blanket yarn. Again Congratulations! There can't be better news! (And I know about keeping secrets - glad you get to shout it from the rooftops.)


My family history research has been on hold lately too. I just don't want to take time away from my knitting I guess. Congratulation on being an Aunt!


Wonderful, fabulous, terrific news! Something to be very very thanful for. BTW, the girls look beautiful. :)

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