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Skirting the girls


The skirts are finished!  Yippee yahoo.  I made the girls model -- Ali & Maddy were on their way to a movie and they weren't in the mood.  Can you tell?  Ali put hers on right over her jeans and Maddy did not care that her shirt didn't really go with her skirt.  I patched the dog-chewed pattern with some tissue paper.  It works...  Katie, by the way, is wearing a skinny scarf she knit from the Davos something-or-other that I've had in the stash for a while -- the colors are great!

The Shapely Shawlette has been generously misted and pinned to the blocking board -- it will come off tonight and perhaps I can get a good picture.  It is lovely.

I was all set to start the mitten part of Maddy's last mitten last night when I measured it up to the first and discovered that the cuff was too long -- I had an extra row between cable crossings.  Omar must have distracted me on Saturday night.  I ripped and re-knit and have started to thrum.  I'll be happy to get that one finished.

Both St. Brigid and Cromarty have been calling to me.  They are being very patient WIPs, especially in light of the fact that I cast on for yet another new thing last night -- a quick, simple scarf using two strands of the above-mentioned Davos held together.

Can someone tell me what a birthing cap is?  Is it for the baby?  It just seems like a weird name -- like something that would be worn while birthing, but, of course, a baby wouldn't be able to wear a cap then (and why would a mother?), and afterwards it would seem more like a newborn cap.  It was a search term that led someone to m'blog.  I've never heard of it.

Meanwhile, there ought to be plenty of knitting tonight while I watch Captain Favrelous (in his 200th consecutive start) lead the Packers against the Rams at Lambeau Field on Monday Night Football.  It ought to be a John Madden Favrefest -- I laughed so hard a few weeks ago when I read a sports column in which the columnist referred to Madden as suffering from emotional incontenence when he talks about Brett Favre.



The girls all look great in their skirts, even with the jeans! Well done in getting them all finished.


The skirts look great! Plus, the photo is much more realistic than an Anthropologie layout.


What cuties they are! Melanie can't you tell it IS a Anthropologie layout, I swear I saw those skirts there yesterday. : )


hmmmm... birthing cap. You're right. Sounds a little wacky... maybe you catch the baby in it! It must be nice to have 3 girls. I'd like to have girls. I can't really imagine having boys, which means I'll probably end up with them.


Oh my gosh, your girls are adorable! I love that red hair. Great job, mom (on the skirts as well as the girls!). :)


great skirts and gorgeous daughters -- and they all look like you!


Excellent job on the skirts!


Your girls look great! They are all so beautiful (girls AND skirts)!


Wasn't that a GREAT game last night??? My mom was here and we both loved every minute of it. :)

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