Skirting the girls

100 things for my 200th post

Oh, look at the time!  Inspiration from Annie, Norma, Leigh, and Teresa (and because there's not much else that's new).  I've never done this before and it's harder than I thought it would be!

  1. I was born in Milwaukee.
  2. We moved at least once a year until I was eight, and a few more times after that.
  3. I can recall riding in the car through the night during some of those moves.
  4. I still love to see the distant lights of an airport at night.
  5. And driving through big cities at night, though it’s not as magical as it once was.
  6. I’ve lived in Michigan, Colorado, Missouri, Ohio, Canada, Illinois, Oregon, and (mostly) Wisconsin.
  7. Though not a big fan of winter, I like living in a place that has four, very definite seasons.
  8. My school career started by going to three different kindergartens.
  9. I loved my 1st grade teacher – and 4th and 6th – and 7th & 9th grade English.
  10. I’m still proud of all the gold stars I earned on 1st grade spelling tests.
  11. I’m a good speller.
  12. I learned cursive writing in 2nd grade.
  13. Then we moved and they made me “learn” it again in 3rd grade – from scratch.
  14. I am the eldest of five children – I have three sisters and one brother.
  15. I have twin sisters.
  16. There is six years between my youngest sibling and me.
  17. I still have a scar on my chest from the time one of the twins threw a chair (wicker with metal legs) at me during a fight when we were teenagers.
  18. I used to dig my fingernails into my brothers arms when we fought; my sisters did, too.
  19. I feel bad that he bears the scars of our wickedness.
  20. He’s 6’4” and we haven’t fought with him in a while.
  21. I get along very well with all my siblings now.
  22. My parents were divorced when I was 12.
  23. My parents haven’t seen each other face-to-face, except in court, in almost 35 years.
  24. My dad is a recovering alcoholic.
  25. His successes as a businessman have astounded me.
  26. I have worked for both my mom and my dad.
  27. I admire my mom for going back to earn her nursing degree while being a single parent (of teenagers, no less!).
  28. I went from a 9-12 high school with 1200 students to a 7-12 junior/senior high with 200 students.
  29. There were 32 in my graduating class (graduation lasted 45 minutes).
  30. I regret that I never went to college.
  31. I wanted to be a teacher or a nurse.
  32. My high school guidance counselor scoffed; there would a glut of teachers and nurses and I’d never find a job.
  33. Now, I think I’d rather like being a librarian.
  34. Or an archivist.
  35. Or a detective.
  36. My genealogy hobby lets me play at being all three.
  37. I have been married once; it will soon be 20 years, and counting.
  38. My husband is 10 years older than me.
  39. We had a very small wedding.
  40. And a potluck reception.
  41. I threw away my wedding dress.
  42. I have three amazing daughters (Kt-19, Ai-17, Mdd-13).
  43. They were all born in April (within 9 days of each other).
  44. I wanted to name them all Zoe, but my husband didn’t like it.
  45. He’d warmed up to it by #3, but I knew he still didn’t love it, so we tacked Mdd on at the last minute (and now she has two middle names).
  46. It pleases me that my husband’s family all calls her Zoe.
  47. I grow more proud of my daughters with each passing day.
  48. I feel very fortunate that I was able to be an at-home mom for Mdd’s first five years.
  49. I did a fair amount of volunteering at the grrs’ school during that time.  I’ve never really done any other type of volunteer work.
  50. It was the first time I was without “work” or some income of my own since I was 14.
  51. There was a period of adjustment.
  52. It was a financial struggle and there were sacrifices; we did not have health insurance for 12 years.
  53. I knew that Mdd would be my last child, having accompanied my husband to his vasectomy appointment before she was even born.
  54. I think the nurse should have kept her feelings about that to herself.
  55. I wish I’d known my mother-in-law.
  56. Our relationship could have gone either way, but I like to think I’d have gotten along with her MUCH better than my husband’s first wife did.
  57. I have been fascinated by her spirited independence.
  58. And by the number of times she was married (one of which even her sons were unaware until after her death).
  59. I am very strong.
  60. People lean on me.
  61. Sometimes they lean too much.
  62. I suppose I let them.
  63. I can be very emotional.
  64. I am quiet, but I can be vocal; I'd much rather listen and observe.
  65. I am intuitive and empathetic.
  66. I can usually see and even understand both sides of an issue or argument.
  67. I sometimes feel wishy-washy because of that.
  68. My husband calls me enigmatic.
  69. I like to think I have a good sense of humor; I love to laugh and I enjoy making other people laugh.
  70. I have many acquaintances and casual friends.
  71. I have had the same best girlfriend for almost 30 years, through thick and thin, and over many miles.
  72. I cried when she told me that I was the “Wind Beneath [Her] Wings.”
  73. How can that be?  She’s always been the wind beneath mine…
  74. I love to read.
  75. I don’t understand people who don’t read to their children.
  76. I would like to write – a book, a paper, an article.
  77. I don’t know what to write about.
  78. I like antiques and have numerous collections. (“How many” is a collection?)
  79. I am too sentimental.
  80. I am a pack rat, but not a hoarder.
  81. I come from a long line of pack rats; I married one; I’ve given birth to three.
  82. I am not a very good housekeeper.
  83. I wish there was more time in a day.
  84. I’m a night owl.
  85. If I could live anywhere, I’d live everywhere – many small houses or cottages in many different locations all over the world.
  86. I live in an old house.
  87. Even as a young girl, I dreamed of restoring dilapidated farmhouses (the kind with a big hole in the roof and a porch that’s fallen off).
  88. I’ve never lived in a big city, nor have I lived in the country.
  89. I have an appreciation for the landscape and beauty of nature that continues to grow.
  90. I am known for stirring my coffee – long and loud.
  91. I like strong coffee, with cream and sugar.
  92. I love chocolate – any kind, really, but dark is best.
  93. My dad likes chocolate, too; I once bought him a 10-lb. chunk of Ghirardelli semi-sweet chocolate for Christmas (it lasted ‘til August and he had help).
  94. I like music – all kinds – and I like to dance.
  95. I once broke the heel off a shoe while dancing.
  96. I’d like to take dancing lessons; my husband isn’t interested.
  97. I’ve got rhythm; he doesn’t.
  98. Stephanie’s mittens enchant me.
  99. I want to knit Estonian and Latvian and any other -ian mittens.
  100. I’ve never knit with more than one color of yarn, except for stripes.



Nice to read about you. : ) Surprised you don't like the winter and you sure do live in a big winter state.


I love your list! It is so fun to find out all this fun stuff about people. I have to admit I got teary eyed when I read #72 & 73. So sweet!


Thank you for sharing! I always enjoy reading your blog.


Your list is great, I love to read more about everyone to see what else we have in common, apart from knitting!


Love you list. We have a few things in common. I'm a couple of years behind you with my 3 daughters. So far so good! (fingers crossed!) Your girls are simply gorgeous. Their personalities shine right through the picture.


Loved your list...20 years! That is a legacy!


Thank you for sharing your list. You know what, I could tell you were the oldest child! And totally unrelated, your 'Lucy' photo in the top corner - she is a Vase Head? I've had a strange fascination with those for a long time, but not a collection. She's wonderful. Where did you get her?


In reading your blog over the past months, I have often thought - 'I think we would be friends in 'real' life' - when I read #91 that proved it!


I want to knit -ian mittens too! Fair isn't that hard (if it's only 2 colors a row). Give it a try!
About the chocolate brick you gave your Dad...if it lasted until August, he isn't a Chocoholic. In my house, that'd be gone by New Year! :)


What a terrific list. I like you even better than I did before. ;) I have no doubt you would make some fabulous Latvian mittens! Look at the way you dove into Cromarty! And St. Brigid. You are a talented knitter and a remarkable person. And your guidance counselor should be kicked!

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