Great weekend
There was singing!

Cromarty envy

Oh boy, if you haven't been to Rachael's yet to see her just-finished Cromarty, go NOW! What a cutie-patootie -- Rachael and the sweater. I can't believe she knit that baby on size 1 needles -- the color is gorgeous. Kudos kiddo.

Makes me itch. I'm within a dozen rows of finishing the main part of the last St. Brigid sleeve (the saddles will be on hold 'til at least one body piece is finished), and then I think I'll cast on the last Cromarty sleeve and get that baby DONE. After that, there will only be one more Cromarty body piece and the neckbands left to knit!

The Holiday Vogue Knitting was in the mailbox yesterday. I didn't have time to do more than glance at it, but did notice quite a few cables -- one was a big-ass cable on a coat -- some metallic stuff and ponchos and felted pieces. My first-glance reaction to most of that was ho-hum.



her cromarty is gorgeous and i'm fearful of a single cable at the moment. and thanks for the VK link. the previews are pretty interesting. hopefully i can flip through that mag soon.


Wow, you are plowing through the sleeves...sounds like it was a terrific weekend. I didn't realize your sister was such a great knitter. The chili sounds yummy--especially on a cold, wet day like it is here. I have an Apple Betty on my menu tonight. Quick and easy.


Thanks so much.....

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