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I’m havin’ a birthday next week and, to celebrate, I’m havin’ a contest. I made it up. It’s one part matching game, two parts guessing game. I came across a list of songs that were popular the year I graduated from high school and it made me hum and giggle, so maybe it’ll make you smile – particularly if you’re of a “certain age.” I am loathe to admit that these songs are mostly played on “oldies” stations these days. So, there’s a bit of a hint for ya.

Part I
Here’s a list of 20 songs (they’re numbered) and the corresponding list of performing artists (they’re lettered) – giggle and hum and match them up. I don’t care how you do it.

1. Don’t Go Breaking My Heart
2. All By Myself
3. You Sexy Thing
4. Love Hurts
5. Play That Funky Music
6. You Should Be Dancing
7. If You Leave Me Now
8. Lowdown
9. Show Me The Way
10. Shop Around
11. Squeeze Box
12. Baby I Love Your Way
13. The Boys Are Back In Town
14. Still The One
15. She’s Gone
16. Rhiannon
17. Evil Woman
18. Fooled Around and Fell In Love
19. Love To Love You Baby
20. Golden Years

A. Nazareth
B. Donna Summer
C. Elton John
D. Fleetwood Mac
E. Captain & Tenille
F. Elvin Bishop
G. Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)
H. Hall & Oates
I. Peter Frampton
J. David Bowie
K. Wild Cherry
L. The Bee Gees
M. Hot Chocolate
N. Peter Frampton
O. Orleans
P. Chicago
Q. Boz Scaggs
R. The Who
S. Eric Carmen
T. Thin Lizzy

Send me an email (vknitorious at yahoo dot com) or leave a comment with the number/letter answers. Here, I’ll even give you one: 16D. I mixed these all up with the help of a random number generator. I hope that’s not too much work.

Part II
Based on said list of songs/artists, what year did I graduate from high school?

Part III
Based on said list of songs/artists and the year I graduated, how old am I gonna be?

The deadline for entry is Friday, November 5th. The grand prize winner will match all songs/artists correctly, along with the year I graduated from high school, and how old I’ll be on November 6th. In the event of a tie, I’ll use the random number thing again. You’re wondering about the prize, I suppose. In the spirit of things, it’ll be a surprise… I don’t know what I’m getting for my birthday, now, do I?



Hmmm, difficult for me as I have no idea how old you are when you graduate from High School, but I will find out. I'll be back with my answers.....


Yes, I was having that same problem. I just assumed everyone graduates when they're 18! Well, that's what happens here, anyways!
Or could you give us a little extra hint, Vicki?


Well, all those songs were popular when I graduated, which was 1978, which would make you 45 tomorrow, if your school was like mine. . .

And I know I'm disqualified because I didn't match up all the songs (well, I did, but I left the paper somewhere else and it doesn't matter anyway, because it was fun to do) but have a happy birthday anyway!

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