Sitting 'round the campfire
St. Brigid


Meathead2Meathead3How about a couple of Meatheads? The fiber for the knitted one was in yesterday's mail and I cast on as dinner was being prepared. I finished it by the time DH took the dog for her evening walk! The largest needles in my arsenal are 17s, so I tried to knit loosely (per instructions) -- very weird knitting with those big sticks! Fun and fast and happy to help Larissa!

The other Meathead has always been a favorite of mine. I was nearing high school when All In The Family began to air and was beginning to "get it." I used to love watching Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In, but was just a teensy bit too young (or maybe I'm a little slow) to "get" most of that.

When we're all together up north, we sleep in one large room -- bunks and sofas and mattresses on the floor. As we all settled in on Saturday night, I said, "Good night John-Boy." On Sunday night, I said it again and Kt piped up, wondering what in the heck that's about. I always liked The Waltons, too (and Little House on the Prairie), and I think I tried to get the grrs to watch it on TV once, but it was just a wee bit slow for them! Anyway, I do love classic TV and it's pretty cool that we can watch so many of those shows again. Will I ever tire of M*A*S*H?

In more knitting news, The Knitter's Handy Book of Sweater Patterns/Guide to Yarn Requirements were delivered over the weekend. I also received the fall issue of Interweave Knits in the mail recently; uh-huh, the one I plucked off the shelf and bought not-so-long-ago. Does anyone want my extra issue (email me)?

I cast on St. Brigid's sleeve last night. I had grand designs on completing a repeat, but wrapped it up at 20 rows. I'll be working on that a bit more tonight and will have a picture tomorrow. I know that Katy's anxious to see the gold Cascade 220 worked into some cables. Because I'm having a little block with the pencil/paper/math, and because I really don't know how the gauge swatch (one chart) stitch figures compare to the measurements of the actual knitted garment (several different charts), I thought I'd start with a sleeve. The sleeves knit quickly on a garment like this, compared to the body, and I'm so happy that I have one of them already finished for Cromarty, that it's a no-brainer (for me) to start this way. I'll also get a good idea of overall figures and can use them to determine whether I need to make adjustments to the body.



When I was growing up, all my pals loved to watch Little House. For some reason I couldn't get into it. But now? I can't stop watching it! It's on 3 or 4 times a day and I constantly have it on as background in the house.


I love all those old tv programmes, oh how I miss them, must buy more DVD's *sigh*

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