Getting my fix

Pat, I'd like to buy a vowel...

...I'd like to buy an "i." (I can't think of "Wheel of Fortune" or "Jeopardy" without being transported 19 years -- sitting on our futon couch in our house at Cape Meares, OR, drinking milk and eating snickerdoodle cookies while nursing my firstborn and watching those two shows after a day at work.)

After ripping and fixing only the stitches that needed to be fixed on the first of the brainfart noncables, I took a picture so I could show y'all. I downloaded it, fixed the color, re-sized, and then emailed it to myself at work. Unfortunately, it was mailed to "vick...@whatever" instead of "vicki...@whatever." Gawd.

I had just about every stitch holder and cable needle in use for this project. It was really quite a juggling act! For some reason, the fixing of the first cable went much smoother than the second -- you'd think I'd have had a better feel for it. On the first, I ripped down to where I forgot to cross, put my cable needles into use as I arranged the stitches in their proper formation and used a crochet hook to knit 'em back up -- each stitch, two rows at a time. These are travelling cables, so the fix required patience and attention. On the second, I ripped down to the spot and decided that I'd fix 'em one row at a time. That really wasn't as smooth a process. It was 10:30 when I finally had everything as it should be, and I stayed up for about another hour so I could do some actual knitting on the saddle.

Yeah, patience and attention. I wish I could tell you how long the fix actually took -- it really didn't take anywhere near the 4-5 hours that passed on the clock from start to finish. I had numerous interruptions and distractions -- feed the kids, answer the phone, at least an hour talking to my sis in Kansas, de-stressing after the angst of that call. Ugh. Why oh why is she so far away? Why can't she let go of a relationship that has left her completely demoralized and nearly dehumanized? How can I help her rediscover and believe in herself? I am so sad for my sister, and feel so helpless.



Can't wait to see the pic of the cable fix,
I am so sorry you are feeling your sisters pain, I am sure as long as she knows you are there for her, she will rediscover her belief in herself, you just have to hang on in there.


sometimes it just takes time for them to learn just be patient even tho it's hard to watch someone in pain.


Glad to hear you fixed your cables and sad to hear about your sister. I agree with Sue that it takes time to learn. Just knowing that you are there and that you care is helpful. But that feeling of helplessness is so hard. Hang in there. Strong womyn power thoughts to your sister.

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