Pat, I'd like to buy a vowel...

Getting my fix

SleeveFixVanna found my "i," so here's my cables-half-fixed pic that I wasn't able to post yesterday. You can click for a larger view. Warning: It's a big-ass view!

You can see that the rows on the left just snuggle up real close and then veer off from each other again. The rows on the right did the same thing -- at least I'm consistent in my mistakes? -- but in this photo I've already fixed them and one crosses over the other, as it should. There are a few more details about how I did it in yesterday's post.

There was an estate sale on the next block this morning, so DH and I took a little walk. I bought a couple of big piles of dishes for less than $1 -- all good mosaic material. I better get busy making something!

Wishing a good weekend to you all!



Things are looking good on Cromarty. I am usually a weanie with my cable errors and rip the whole thing back.


Don't feel bad about making mistakes. I can't seem to do anything right on my Fair Isle Bag tonight. I have taken multiple trips to the frog pond. Maybe I should not knit while on cough medicine?? Haha!

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