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First, I forgot to mention that I added a few pics to the "In Retrospect" photo album the other day; pics of a pretty fun girl's dress I knit a long time ago and it taught me a lot.

I haven't knit anything for a baby in a long, long time, but last night I bought a little book and some yarn and will be making a wee cabled cap and a little one-piece outfit. This is for a very young girl (I only met her once) who works with one of my sisters; she's not on the best of terms with her family due to her "situation" (my sister threw her a baby shower -- because the family wouldn't -- not the kind of thing this sister enjoys) and she just got married and the baby's due next month and I just think she needs all the warm fuzzies she can get. My small part... I've got enough on my knitting plate, as it were, but we're really in no rush for wool hats around here, anyway!

There are a couple of tops I could be wearing, though. The following is for my benefit, and you can roll your eyes along with me, if you'd like; I need to get a handle on things. It's the State of the WIPs Address (in order of age, oldest first).

1) Seville. This is a short-sleeve top from a "best of" Rowan book (library) in green Rowan chenille. It's awaiting seaming and the sewing of trim around the bottom and sleeves; the pattern called for trim around the neck, too, but I'm not sure about that. I think I've stalled mainly because I'm not sure what to use for seaming -- the chenille or something else. Dumb reason, but there you go.

2) Cecil. This is the cardi on the cover of last summer's (I think) Vogue Knitting. Blocking, seaming and weaving-in-of-ends is all done. It awaits only buttons! I am having a hard time finding the right buttons and have already brought home two navy blue sets. I don't know what to do, so it's stalled, too.

3) Summer Sonata. I pulled this top out over the weekend and finished sewing in the sleeves. They were a pain. The side seams remain, and they ought to be easier. This is the top of the too-scoopy neck. I was thinking that I could pull it in a little with some elastic thread, but I don't think that's going to be enough. I think I'm going to have to rip and re-do (I had knit it very loosely), possibly making more decreases -- it's only about 5 rows. I may still use some elastic because I have a feeling this will grow a bit with the wearing.

4) Critter Blanket. I really hoped that I'd be able to knit more than one. I'd better get a move on if I hope to get this one sent in time! I'm more than half-way.

5) Tasha. Oh, haven't I mention this before? I bought a big ball of Aunt Lydia's cotton in a "natural" at the craft store some time ago and, after giving up on the modified Galway hat design on Friday night, I pulled it out and started on Tasha. (I guess I really should have been working on the Critter Blanket.) There's absolutely no pressure with this one. It's a small project and won't take a lot of time, anyway, so a few rows here and there is fine. I am surprised at how much I like the fabric! This was my deck knitting project over the weekend.

6) Modified Galway Hat(s). It's going to be over 90 degrees today. There's no rush! I am learning a lot by knitting these hats, though, and I love them, and they're small...

7) Baby Stuff (aforementioned). Have the patterns and the yarn (yellow and white machine washable cotton). They're small, they're cute, and they'll go quick.

There's stuff in the to-be-frogged pile, too; saving it for a day when ripping will be the perfect antidote to stress or something. That's a lot of stuff in the works for me, but I guess the knitting is done on almost half and it's sewing of one sort or another that remains, and the rest is small stuff. The state of things isn't as bad as I thought. I can handle that!!



Good luck with your list, see its not so bad when you write it all down!! Love the galway hat, your girls look great in it. Fiber Trends have a similar one called Braids and Bobbles that I want to knit for next winter, one more thing for the ever-growing list!


That Tasha bag is a cuuute project! I'd love to see some pictures of that one as you finish!
All your cable knitting has me longing to knit some cables!

I love the color you're using for your Summer Sonata, and that little dress is just too darling!
As always, thanks for sharing your photos!

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