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BLTs for lunch

KcarMy DH makes me lunch just about every day, whether it's a sandwich to take to work or lunch at home. As I was trying to come up with a title for this post, he asked what I'd like -- so there you go. DH is self-employed and works from home and never, ever goes without lunch. When he's not around, I am very apt to go without lunch...

K doesn't have to work today, so she's lunching with us. This is how she occupied herself last week -- re-painting her car. She had more simplified sun design on the hood previously, but needed a more painterly flower. She also painted trailing vines from the hood all along the sides and, though there's mostly bumper stickers on the trunk, she painted a small flower there, too. My favorite bumper sticker on K's car? "Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes." She's 19, and she does, and I couldn't be more proud.

AagainHere's Audrey again. I have a few more increases to go, and I'm much happier with them this time around. I do think I'm knitting her with a little more firmness. There have been comments about Calmer losing elasticity, so maybe the firm hand will help.

Galway130Galway120And how about a little Galway update? I did 10 rows last night before picking up Audrey, so that's a total of 130 rows out of 180. This, too, is strange for me -- I may have several WIPs at any one time (this one needs seaming and that one needs buttons and I'm still knitting the other), but I never have more than one on the needles.

Had a postcard in the mail from the LYS about their annual clearance sale. K and I are going to head over there (I'll call first!) this afternoon. I'll try to keep my wits about me.



I think that would be my favorite bumper sticker too!!


Oh! I LOVELOVELOVE the flower car! If y'all were closer to California I'd pay her to come and paint my flower delivery van!

You're really zooming along on your Audrey v2.0
She looks great!


wow, what a talented family. knitting, mosaics, painting, blt's...galway looks great! and audrey too.


Ha! There's real talent involved in the making of BLTs!! Close (?) but no cigar, Christine; K went to school in NoCal last semester. My husband grew up in SoCal, so we do have connections there. Having second (third, fourth?) thoughts about Audrey -- again.

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