It's a birthday!
Do not block.

Cecil's progress

As promised, I'm baaaack. Here are the Cecil sleeves blocking.

This one is up close and personal; I think you can see the stitch pattern pretty well.

Here's another.

And, finally, here's a zoom-in on one of the sides with the rod inserted.

It is a FABULOUS afternoon, and I'm going to go play. First on the list, a run down to the garden to check on this (I'll bet it's grown since I snapped this two days ago):
My bleeding heart. (All that green stuff is something called garlic mustard -- very invasive and a pain in the butt. There's a nature center nearby and they have garlic mustard-pulling events every spring. I battle them constantly.)



Cecil looks gorgeous. I love that stitch pattern. And very ingenious with your curtain rod blocking!


Thanks!! Cecil is ready for seaming! I usually procrastinate on that for a bit, but once I get going, it's full speed ahead... I love how straight and even the sides turn out from using those rods for blocking rather than pinning every inch or so (and the time saved) and I think it will make seaming a bit easier, too.

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