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Top to Toe baby outfit

Top to Toe baby outfit

The baby gift for Trevor, born June 25, 2004. The cap and outfit are from "Beautiful Baby," a Leisure Arts publication from 2002. The cap is part of the "Cables and Textures Set" and the outfit is called "Top to Toe." I used Bernat Cotton Tots for both items; I don't like it, but I got used to it.

The cap was knit flat and then seamed. I crocheted the ties rather than knitting them. I started it on June 8th and finished on June 11th. Nice 'n quick!

The body of the outfit was knit all in one piece; started June 12th, finished and mailed on June 28th. I cast on and knit one leg and set it aside while I cast on and knit the second leg; they were then joined together and it was knit up from there. After 10" of garter stitch over nearly 200 stitches, it was decreased (k2tog over most of a row), worked in k1, p1 ribbing for about an inch, and then the fronts and back were each knit separately (while unused stitches idled on a spare needle). I sewed the 3" shoulder seams, picked up and knit the neckband and buttonbands, sewed the leg seams, and set in the sleeves. Voila!

I started with one ball of white and two balls of yellow for both the hat the the outfit. I ended up getting one more ball of white and knit the sleeves (which were supposed to be yellow with 3 white stripes) white with one yellow stripe. I love how it turned out! I used short row shaping for the teeny tiny sleeves and it made such a nice seam where they're attached to the body. I would definitely knit either of these again, but would try to short row the shoulder decreases on the outfit and use a three-needle bind-off.